1 Week before surgery and I an nervous

on 1/4/13 1:14 am

I keep reading everyones posts on here to keep my sanity.   The only thing that worries me is waking up in pain.    Can anyone comment on that??     I am really getting nervous      thanks

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My surgery is a couple weeks away and I'm getting nervous too.. I hope you are able to calm your nerves soon.


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on 1/4/13 1:25 am
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Honestly, I never really felt any true "pain."  I felt soreness at times when I tried to shift positions in those first few days, but never anything that made me feel like I needed stronger pain meds.  When I got home I used my pain meds more so to manage soreness, but I would have been okay without them. 

I do understand about the pre-surgery jitters though... I was an absolute wreck for a few days before surgery.  I was completely irrational starting about 72 hours before hand, and I was literally sobbing when they rolled me into the OR.  Being nervous is completely normal.

If I can come out of this and have great results, so can you :) 

Good luck!

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Keith L.
on 1/4/13 1:27 am - Navarre, FL
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Well you should expect some pain, but it is quite tolerable and with the pain meds for the first day or so it really isn't that bad. I had one moment of what I felt was significant pain. I woke up in the middle of my first night in the hospital and I felt some pain from the surgery but at the same time I had some serious stomach acid too and the combination was harsh but it did not last very long and after I woke up a bit was again tolerable. So all in all not bad from a pain perspective at all.

When you initially wake up from the surgery you should not feel much pain at all.

The only other thing that happened to me was that the first time I walked I pushed it a bit too hard and I vomited and all that came up was old dark blood. I didn't vomit from the blood I vomited from walking too much. It happens to about 30% of people. Just be prepared that it is a possibility and take a vomit tray with you on your first walk. The blood is normal and most people just digest it, but if you vomit just expect to see some blood and realize its normal and doesn't mean anything is wrong.

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on 1/4/13 1:31 am

Thanks Keith,   all information from people is helpful

on 1/4/13 2:47 am
VSG on 01/16/13

Thanks for that heads up! I would have freaked out if I saw blood and not been prepared :)


Keith L.
on 1/4/13 1:29 am - Navarre, FL
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Actually to be honest the worst amount of "pain" I had was the compression stockings used to avoid deep vein thrombosis. Those hurt worse than the surgery.

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on 1/4/13 1:51 am - Antioch, CA

While I have not yet had my VSG, soon though, but I have had several MAJOR surgeries and some dental work that I assure you the dental work was far worse than any surgery I have had... Root Canal on my 2 front teeth AFTER having Veneers put on them was more pain that ever and I would not even wish that on my worst enemy! The needle that goes in above your front teeth on the gums feels like needles are stuck in your brain and you can't help be shout every bad word that comes to mind at that very moment. 

As far as my surgeries go, I have had a breast reduction, just sore from that even with some healing complications thanks to the idiot doc who did it, and I also most recently had an emergency C-Section in 10/2010 and I was up and walking around the next day with no pain meds at all.  I only had morphine drip immediately after but was shortly stopped 1 hour later b/c I had to be transported to another hospital because my son was being transported and they couldn't give me anymore pain meds.  Then the charts were screwed up so they never came to give me pain meds for another 24 hours and I didn't even take it. I never asked for it either.  I was up walking around so I could go see my son.  I imagine the same would be true with having VSG, regardless of any pain, i have a 2 year that needs me and keeps me on my toes!

You should be fine, and do expect some pain/discomfort.  Nothing is painless but don't be afraid of it.  We get pain in our joints from being so overweight, our backs our feet, our belly's from over eating.

Relax as much as you can and get excited for your new journey! You will be fine!!!!

Good Luck!




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on 1/4/13 2:07 am

I don't have any advice, since I am also pre op, but I just wanted to say good luck!!

on 1/4/13 2:31 am - CA

I agree with others--more soreness than pain, and mostly when shifting positions.  Like I'd done a zillion sit ups.  My throat was (and still is, at a week out) a bit sore from the tube the anesthesiologist put in, but it's not too bad and I don't think everyone has that.

They will give you good pain meds. :)  Once I was home I only took the prescription one 3 or so times, and then just switched to regular tylenol.  I know a lot of people have bad gas pain, but that was not my experience.

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