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on 1/12/13 11:16 am
VSG on 12/17/12
I actually had a couple this week. Since we sit all day at work we have fairly nice chairs...ones that I call fat-butt-friendly because they don't squish you in. Well, this week I was able to sit Indian-style in my chair at work. It's been a long time since that happened.

Then tonight, I have a pair of size 18 Levi's that my friend shrunk out of...normal Levi's, not the big-girl kind ( you know with stretchy fabric). I've been afraid to try them. It was early in high school the last time I consistently saw an 18. Tonight I was able to put them on and zip them no problem.

I nearly cried.
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on 1/12/13 11:44 am - Davison, MI

Congratulations!  That is a couple of nice NSV.  I can't sit Indian-style at all!

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on 1/12/13 11:46 am - Springfield, VA
VSG on 01/23/13 with

Way to go! That is awesome. kiss

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on 1/12/13 12:52 pm
That is awesome! Congrats and keep up the good work. Love those NSV.
LindaDarnell B.
on 1/12/13 2:01 pm
VSG on 08/07/12

Kudos! That's one of my clothing goals....one pair of sexy Levi's !


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on 1/12/13 4:47 pm - OK

Great job!  It's sometimes hard to find those "non-scale" rewards but fitting into a chair and a pair of jeans are definitely two of them!


on 1/12/13 8:22 pm
VSG on 04/25/13
That is awesome about the Levi's!!! When I was younger all I wanted to wear was red tagged Levi's, but they never fit. The ones that did fit I wore them raw. When I'm at goal I'm going to get some custom fit red tag Levi's. can't wait!!!



on 1/12/13 9:22 pm - NY

I am sooo happy with you and can't wait to write something like that!!! congrats!

on 1/13/13 12:24 am - MS
VSG on 06/12/12

Awesome job!! Each NSV keeps getting better and better! CONGRATULATIONS!  angry

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