Hiding the scale

on 1/8/13 2:08 pm - CA
VSG on 12/17/12

Like many of you, I weigh myself every day.  the last few days it has moved down and up and basically stuck in the same position.  Today I'm 22 days out.  I am going to stay off the scale until day 30 and hopefully I'll see a jump.  By announcing it here, I'm putting it out to the OH universe so I'll be more accountable.


on 1/8/13 6:36 pm - Bad Axe, MI
VSG on 10/09/12

Once a week is plenty for me on the scale.

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on 1/8/13 8:17 pm

Hard not to stay of the scale when you are so excited to see a lose. Pre surgery (2/7/13) here so I am in no way loving my scale, though I am losing a little. I've always been told to weigh just once a week, same day and same time. Good luck! enlightened



on 1/8/13 10:17 pm
VSG on 03/26/13
I haven't had surgery, yet. So I do weigh Every morning. It makes me think what can I start to change Now before vsg. After I have my surgery I pray I don't forget the stalls. I too have thought about hiding the scale because thevets say, AND I BELIEVE EM, stick to plan and my weight will go down. :) God bless u You got this! - Janeen
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on 1/8/13 11:47 pm

I have decided that after my surgery I will only weigh every 30 days. I have never been someone who gets wrapped up in the weighing every day thing, even when I've dieted. This way I will not even see the little week long stalls, so I wont get worried about them.

on 1/9/13 2:54 am - CA
VSG on 12/17/12
Its so addicting! Its hard for me to stay off the scale. My roomate (brother) keeps telling me to weigh only once a week. I told him OK, yeah that's a good idea. But for some odd reason, I can't keep off of it. Every morning when I wake up , the first thing I do I run downstairs, take off my sweats and weigh. Today I was up a pound but from Sun to Mon I lost 4 pounds and from Mon to Tues I lost 2. Then today up a pound. I think weighing myself is my transfer addiction : )
Izabelle G.
on 1/9/13 3:19 am - Cheltenham, PA
VSG on 10/15/12
I weigh myself everyday. I use it to hold myself accountable. For example: I went to the gym and met my protein goal so the number went down. I skipped the gym or had too many carbs and I went up. I also track it so I can notice my fluctuactions so if its that time of the month I can tell.

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on 1/9/13 9:12 am - CA

I'm there with you (but earlier, obviously).  My scale hasn't moved much in 2 days.  I know AF is coming soon, but still.  If it doesn't move tomorrow I'm going to put it away for a while.

I think part of why I like to weigh so early out is b/c I really don't know what to expect of my body.  But I am on plan and there is NO WAY given my calorie intake and exercise that I shouldn't lose weight. :)  I know you're there, too!

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