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on 1/13/13 12:05 pm - CA
VSG on 12/17/12

This weekend was my annual post Christmas get together with my high school friends in Southern California.  ( I live in Northern Cal)  We graduated in 1980, so we have known each other for a really long time.  A couple of them I've known since grammar school.   I was always the heavy one until about 9 years ago when I lost 120 lbs.  I did it eating very strictly so they've seen me not eat all the good pot luck food before.  (Unfortunately, I gained most of it back, thus the VSG)  The food this year was no different.  It smelled amazing and in the past I would have indulged, heavily, except those years when I was eating strictly.   I was staying at the host's house and she was the only one who knew I had the VSG.  As the others came in I told them about my surgery and why I'm drinking a protein shake instead of eating all this good food.  It was just very natural and none of them, and there were 8 of them, had any judgments.  I told them about the type of surgery and there were no comments or uneasiness at all.

So they all ate to their hearts content and I drank my shake and it was the most natural thing in the world.  We caught up and laughed, as we always do.  No one felt uncomfortable that I wasn't eating.  (You know how some people get when you can't eat with them.  They weren't like that.) 

It occurred to me that a lot of times, get togethers  are about the food and people just talk about food.  But our little parties are about 9 friends who went to an all girl Catholic School who are still supported and entertained by each other after all these years.


on 1/13/13 9:17 pm
VSG on 02/21/13

As I was reading your story, I was hold my breath, wondering - did she "cheat"?  NOPE!  Good for you!  Clearly your friends love you a lot and just wanted to talk with you, and I am sure they are happy for your continued success.  Congrats and very inspiring - thanks for posting.

"The most difficult part of changing how you live and eat is believing that change is possible. It takes a fierce kind of love for yourself."Geneen Roth
on 1/13/13 11:33 pm

Glad you were able to have such an amazing time with your friends! Sounds like you have yourself some more great support!



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