Got gas?

on 1/14/13 12:36 pm - CA
VSG on 12/17/12

Sorry, this is one of "those" posts.  I'm not sure if it's the protein shakes, the pureed's or a combination, but pretty much on a daily basis I get bad gas pains.  I actually thought I was having gallbladder issues except the pains go away with farting.  Yeah, I said it.  Farting.  Lots of farting.  I would have thought that a high protein very low carb diet would not produce so much gas.  At least that's what happened when I did the Atkins diet. 

So what's your experience?  Anyone else get gas pains after eating or drinking protein shakes?


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on 1/14/13 12:53 pm

Are there any sugar alcohols in your protein drink? For some that the sugar alcohols can cause gastric distress. Other than that all I can say is that a high protein diet is known for producing some noxious gas - in animals and humans!

on 1/14/13 12:56 pm - Richardson, TX

Hi..not the most pleasant subject ...I agree...

I am just 1 week post op and am actually having bad gas pains also. I called my Dr's office today...The nurse told me they will away over time,,she said it is normal n the first few weeks post op.

AND she told me if they do not get better in the next week, i should call and she can give me an RX..not sure if that helps.

Meanwhile, I am getting some relief with the Gas-X strips.


Good luck! 

on 1/14/13 12:56 pm
VSG on 12/07/12

Let me be honest, I never wanted to fart so bad until I had VSG. Not so lucky though. I did notice that when I blended my protein shakes in my magic bullet that I was gassier, but like the gas was in my chest. I stopped doing that because blending also increased the volume and the gas feeling in my chest was uncomfortable. So it very well maybe your protein shakes or perhaps anything else you are eating. I have noticed that I get the same gassy feeling when eating tomatoes. 

Good luck!


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on 1/14/13 1:01 pm
VSG on 12/20/12

Yes!!!!  I seem to Fart a lot these days!  Also, after I eat or drink my protein shakes I have to Burp or I don't feel good.  The burping is getting better but im still farting up a storm!  My VSG was on 12/20/12.

on 1/14/13 3:07 pm - Eugene/Springfield, OR
VSG on 07/22/13

if you mix your protein drinks( or any drinks) in a blender you are filling the with air which will over fill your sleeve and make gas bubbles that have to come out one way or the other

 the less air in your stomach the better I use a camel bac for all my non protein drinks so I get little or no air in my stomach

use a shaker cup or a spoon to mix you protein shakes and let them sit a while for the air to bubble out

 thats why I like rtd protein drinks(premier for cosco or walmart)


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Rita M.
on 1/14/13 10:10 pm - Webster, MA

YES YES and YES...........I have those. It is getting better now but man I thought a I would kill anyone around me when I broke wind, lol.

It was bad and it is getting better now. With the changes in diet and food choices your digestive system is adjusting and doing what it needs to do. As far as the gas pains go, I have those too and I am over 6 weeks post-op and it is still going on.

Don't stress out over it, it will get better.




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