2 days post-op with a question??

on 1/16/13 3:26 am

It is rough getting down anything to drink.    Will this feeling ever go away??    Feeling miserable.  Please tell me I will not have this feeling all my life

on 1/16/13 3:35 am - McDonough, GA
VSG on 10/03/12

no, you won't feel like this forever. Your stomach is very swollen and will be for weeks to the first month or so I think. Once the swelling goes down, you will notice much improvement in getting liquids down. Keep the faith. Each day will be better than the day before.

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on 1/16/13 3:36 am

I am six weeks out tomorrow and you won't...just keep trying...think of how raw that new tummy is and how much it has been through...hang in there and keep sipping...things will get better...are you taking your ppi...that helped me a lot.

on 1/16/13 4:23 am

not taking PPi  because I dont have any heartburn

on 1/16/13 5:54 am - CA
VSG on 12/17/12
I was prescribed ppi for the first few months to help heal the stomach, not just for heartburn.


on 1/16/13 4:02 am
VSG on 11/06/12

It can be tough to get fluids down at first, just keep working at it. Try different temperatures of fluids too, some sit better than others. It gets better.


on 1/16/13 6:09 am
VSG on 11/02/12

I too had a really rough time getting anything to drink down. But it got better every day. I found I tolerated room temperature water better than cold.  Just keep sipping. 

Good luck and congrats on your surgery!

on 1/16/13 6:22 am

It will get better~!!! I swear!!! I'm 5 1/2 weeks out and feel almost completely normal (just a little tired still). I saw where one person set their phone to go off every 5 minutes to remind them to take a sip and by the afternoon, they had 1/2 of their needed water down. My esophagus hurt real bad for a while and fluids were hard. But getting dehydrated would be much worse. Just take the pain meds and sip. Each day, each week, each month will be better!!!! I promise~!!!!

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on 1/17/13 1:03 am - MI
I am glad I read this I go in on Tuesday for my sleeve I think setting an alarm is a great idea. Thanks
on 1/16/13 6:35 am

I could drink pretty normally after one week.  It will get much better!