Surgery on Monday, January 28, and riding the wave ...

on 1/23/13 4:42 am

I am so up and down.  I am happy and excited and then scared.  I'm paying for this myself so I feel bad about the cost, but then I think my husband bought a Harley so I can get a new body cover.  lol   Am I crazy?  I love reading the posts that say I will look back at this and know I made a great decision.

on 1/23/13 9:33 am
VSG on 01/28/13
I'm the 28th also!!!! 5 more days! I go in at 9am. I am so excited! I feel this is the right decision for me because I have tried every diet since I was about 13 and nothing works. I can't wait for my new life to begin! Good luck to you!


on 1/24/13 12:17 am

Cinderella I am excited for you too.  I have run across some people that are saying I'm crazy, but those are the people that don't understand how hard we have tried losing weight, etc.  Good luck with your surgery!  Let's keep in touch ... we can go through this together.