1st wk lost 9 2nd wk lost 0!!!! why????

on 1/27/13 10:42 pm

This is not fair because I am eating like a bird.  Any suggestions??

on 1/27/13 11:09 pm - Springfield, VA
VSG on 01/23/13 with

This is what I learned the first go around with my band - it takes time for your body to catch up to your weightloss (sort of like it needs to recalibrate or reset itself). That is why you lose pounds one week and then inches the next. Just stick to the plan. In another week, you will be amazed.

I would remember having weeks of doubt and I would get on the scale one day and suddenly, I was down another 4 or 5 pounds.

Just hold tight...if you are following your dr's/NUT's orders, it will happen.  {{HUGS}}


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on 1/27/13 11:52 pm

I was told to expect a dramatic weight loss the first week because my body was shedding the extra water they gave me through the IV's while I was in the hospital.  My doc told me to actually see a weight gain when I got home....and he was right.  I had gained about 5 lbs in the hospital from fluids.  Then the first week I saw it just spill off of my body.  I lost about 9 lbs as well the first week.  Then each week after that it had slowed WAY down and some weeks have even STOPPED completely.  I stalled once for 3 solid weeks.  I think it is just your body adjusting to the changes.  When you plateau like that, change it up a bit....increase your water intake, decrease your carbs, increase your protein, or change up your exercise routine...something to throw the body off.  I think our bodies are constantly seeking to stabilize (no matter at what size).  So if you are in the same routine, day in and day out....your body is happy and will level off.  The goal is to not make your body happy until your mind and health is happy!  :D  Good luck to you.  Try not to freak out at stalled weight loss....it is only temporary.  A lot of this weight loss journey is a mind trip....for bad and GOOD! :)

Jackie T.
on 1/28/13 12:09 am - KS
VSG on 12/19/12

You are doing great!  I know it is hard but you will not see a change everyday or even every week.  Make sure your take your measurements because you will likely feel it in your clothes before you see it on the scale.


I haven't been able to put the scale away yet but I am trying to get to where I only weigh once a week but it is hard!

Just keep following your plan and you will see and feel the changes happen.

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Finding Neesey
on 1/28/13 12:11 am

Yep! Sound just like me....

Lost 15 pounds preop diet. Surgery Weight 202, home from hospital weight 202. I lost 6 pounds the first week...and not a pound since!!! Sooo frustrating!

I almost feel like going back to the liquid diet to lose weight again.

on 1/28/13 1:33 am
VSG on 12/28/12 with

I lost 10 pounds  week 1, stalled for the next 18 days and lost 3, now stalled again, thats the way it goes