Since we are talking carbs and protein today... let's talk jerky!

on 2/3/13 1:39 am

OK, so I have heard of the ostrim (hard to find local but have bought some online) but when I am trying to get jerky locally I find WAY to much carb in almost all the brands. Jerky is a good go to protein for me because the density and chewiness and high flavor satisfies some of my head hunger. But I am also unhappy with having carbs in my jerky! I couldn't believe some of the brands at whole foods the other day - as much carb grams as protein grams!

All that said, I cannot do the plain jerky that is dry as dust. Defeats the purpose for me. Anyone have success finding anything other than ostrim?



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on 2/3/13 1:49 am
VSG on 08/16/12

I order from  There are no carbs - for 1.25 oz of Jerky the stats are 85 cals, 2 fat, 0 carbs, 14 protein.  

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on 2/3/13 2:05 am

I make my own.  It's cheaper, tastier and the stats are totally in my control. 

on 2/3/13 2:12 am - Dubai, XX
VSG on 03/13/12
Great recipes on here to make your own.Im going to try it this week.




on 2/3/13 4:33 am - Northern, CA

I just use Jack Links. I only use it for emergencies anyway so it's not an every day food for me but even so I think the stats are fine. I like the teriyaki flavor and it's 14 g of protein and only 5 g of carbs per 1 oz. and I think that's reasonable enough to get a little teriyaki flavor in there.

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