Is the Sleeve really for me?

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Hi, I have just been told that I cannot have the DS surgery but can have the Sleeve.  The reason why I was opting for the DS was because I have had a knee surgery and doing hard cardio (walking, eliptical machine) is out of the question for at least a year.  Are there any Sleevers out there who may be in my same situation but has had good results with the sleeve in spite of limited exercising?  Also, I may be wrong but are you able to take ibuprofen with the sleeve?

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most doctors require you not to take nsaids for 3 months after the sleeve ( or any wls)

but there are meds they can give you to protect your stomach if you must take them, or they can give you a different pain killer


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VSG on 10/15/12
I'm definitely one of those people . I've had very troublesome knees from a running injury that was made much worse by excess weight. I do hope to get back to more vigorous exercise in time, but for now I really focus on the nutritional side, which is probably 90% of the game in the weight loss phase.

I've lost more than 50% of my excess weight in about 3.5 months by keeping my daily protein intake over 80 grams, my carbs at 20 or so and my calories at 600 or less. I'm using my time of no/minimal hunger to really limit calories while I can.



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What about something like water aerobics?  I've heard that's very gently on the knees/joints.  If you can do any exercise at all it'll be worth it!

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I was 426 on the day of surgery and all I could do is walk. Now I'm a little over 6 months out and I am 322 and can do the elliptical for 30 min without dying. :-) 


I also walked up the stairs at the transit center (6 flights) when the escalators were out and I didn't fall over. I just started out walking slow and now I'm walking faster and able to do more. I also do strength training and that doesn't impact my knees at all depending on what exercises I do. So really you can exercise you just have to find ones that work for you.  But over all yes the sleeve will work but the exercise helps it go faster. :-)

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Jackie T.
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I don't know your stats, etc but the sleeve has been the best thing for me.  If you follow the program that your doctor puts you on and come to these boards for support, you too should have success.  As far as exercise, you will have some people that don't anything but that is not going to help you in the long run.  Just get up and move which is what you should do with any wls surgery.  At the present time I am just walking.  I do this on the treadmill as it is too cold right now to be outside.  I sometimes just walk and other times do a present program but the most important thing is to just move!

Good Luck!

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Your stats are impressive and gives me hope that I can do this!  Thanks for responding.

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I may be confused here,but the choice of which surgery to have,is YOUR choice. Whether you can exercise or not,no one should be choosing the surgery you have,but YOU. YOU are the one who has to live with it the rest of your life,not them.

i would be finding a surgeon,who was smart enough to know that the choice of surgery is MINE. I would not settle for a surgery I didn't want.


DS is
EXACTLY the surgery you need,if you can't exercise hard for a year. It has the absolute best weight loss statistics of all 4 surgeries.  Don't settle for a surgery you don't want. it is too important.





Julia HasHerLifeNow
on 2/6/13 5:22 am
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She wasn't approved by her insurance for the DS.

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Hmmm, thanks,but how did you get that from her post,LOL?