3 Weeks Out - Still can't get all liquid and protein in

on 2/19/13 3:25 am

I am still having trouble with getting in 64oz of liquid and 60-80 grams of protein.  I'm just wondering if others at 3 weeks are still having a hard time drinking 64oz or more or if I need to push myself more.  If I push myself, I get sick from more liquid than my stomach wants.  As for protein, I cannot find anything I like.  I have caved to the fact that I'm going to have to eat cottage cheese and yogurt out my ears and any other higher protein foods to get into the 40 grams anyway.

How did everyone do this at three weeks?  It's easier than 3 days of course, but still I'm envious of everyone who says they can get the required liquid in.


Jackie T.
on 2/19/13 3:31 am - KS
VSG on 12/19/12

I still struggle 8 weeks out but you just have to push yourself. I am not a very good protein shake drinker.  I don't like shakes, milk, chocolate or peanut butter.  I use unflavored unjury and mix it with water and crystal light.  I try to get my protein on food but you are not there yet.  Just keep doing the best you can and it will get easier.

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on 2/19/13 3:45 am

Thank you very much... I truly appreciate every ones wisdom.  I just want to make sure I'm about average for my number of weeks.  We really don't get a lot of help from our surgeons or dietician... or at least people on this forum have been through it and can answer the questions more completely.  Thanks again!

on 2/19/13 3:51 am - IL
VSG on 12/10/12

I struggle with fluids as well.  My NUT wants me to have 80oz of fluids and 100g of protein at a MINIMUM.  The protein isn't an issue because I can choke down the shakes.  I hate to say this, but sometimes you have to eat or drink things you don't like to meet your minimums.  Plug your nose if you have to.  As far as fluids, I rarely get 80oz.  I'm closer to 60oz and am losing fine.  Just do what you can eat day and push yourself a little more the next day.  Before you know it, fluids & protein won't be an issue.


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on 2/19/13 3:53 am - CA
VSG on 12/17/12
The liquid used for protein shakes applirs towards your water intake. That makes it a little easier.


on 2/19/13 4:21 am
VSG on 02/06/13 with

I'm two weeks out tomorrow. I was having a hard time getting my liquids at first and I had to experiment. For the first week and a half I could only ge****er down if it was hot and had a squeeze of lemon added. Just keep trying until you can find something you can drink. Today I moved up to room temperature water and I'm finally able to drink it. 

As for protein, my plan moves me onto solids quicker than most. I've been able to easily hit 60g of protein from 1.5 shakes a day and two-three one ounce meals of things like turkey chili. If you're still on purees, have you tried pureeing tuna with a little bit of light mayo? That went down easily for me.

It's really important to hit those targets, so keep trying! Good luck!


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on 2/19/13 4:25 am - MO
VSG on 10/16/12 with

I struggled and struggled and struggled. Turns out my issue was my gallbladder the whole time, but after I had it removed I can finally say that I meet & exceed my goals. 

on 2/19/13 6:03 am
VSG on 02/01/13
I am almost 3 weeks out too and finally got down a system for my 64 oz of water and 70 grams of protein. I am on purees now. I bought a 16 oz Starbucks insulated coffee mug. My goal is to fill and drink it 4 times a day, twice of those with protein drinks. When I wake up I eat about 2 T of puréed egg salad made with low fat mayo (0 carb, 3 protein). 30 minutes after I finish that I fill my mug with ice and caffeine free tea. When I finish that I refill mug with ice and a Kirkland protein shake (5 carb, 30 protein). Its only 11 oz so i fill the mug the rest of the way with ice. Keeps the shake cold and waters it down. Its all melted by the time i finish the shake. My goal is to fini**** 30 minutes before lunch. Yes, i am sipping ALL morning, almost nonstop and feel waterlogged! Lunch is puréed chicken salad made w low fat mayo (2 carbs, 4 protein). 30 minutes after lunch I start another iced tea, or Crystal Light or water which I have to finish 30 mins before dinner. Dinner has been puréed meatloaf (1/2 slice puréed is 5 carbs, 9 protein). 30 minutes later I start another iced protein shake and if I am going to be up later follow that with water. I set timers for the 30 minute pauses during the day so I resume liquids quickly. There is no room for pause! All that sums up to 64 oz of liquids, 17 carbs and 76 oz of protein. I can squeeze in another protein shake in the afternoon if I need more protein or if I ran out of time in the morning.


on 2/21/13 2:05 am

Wow!  You guys are AWESOME!  I can tell it's easier for me now to drink ... I will continue pushing myself.  Thanks for the words of encouragement.  I don't think I will ever be as good as you SeaGirl!  That is amazing.  Congrats on this ...

on 2/21/13 2:38 am
VSG on 02/01/13

Oh believe me - if I can do this, ANYONE can do it!  It's just a matter of planning when you are going to drink and setting a timer so you do it!  Knowing I need to empty this cup 4 times a day has really helped me!