Missing fruit and veggies

on 2/26/13 11:20 am - MA
VSG on 11/13/12

Suggestions, anyone?

I am getting most of my protein from food, with a protein shake or quest bar to up protein conveniently at times.  Generally getting 75-90 grams per day.  The protein of course leaves little room for fruit and veggies, which I am missing very much :(  I eat a few berries or small bit of melon every couple of days, and a small amount of veggies daily (like salad, spinach cauli, broccoli or spaghetti squash, etc) but I'm really staring to miss these as a large part of my diet. It is getting difficult for me to eat another egg, piece of meat, cheese...when I'd rather have a piece of fruit or a veggie for a meal.

Fruit "flavors" don't really take the place- I do use some in my greek yogurt and water.  Maybe there's not a better solution during this more active wl phase with high protein/low calories most important.  Maybe more of my protein from shakes and remainder of calories from fruits/veggies on some days...? Just missing it I guess, and getting sick of meat, cheese, eggs, etc!



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VSG on 02/18/13

I can understand this. I love veggies and salads. I miss them and will continue to. I don't know that there is much of an option right now other than to fit it in when you have met your protein goals and have room for it. Having a meal of less meat/protein and more fruit and veggies occasionally and adding an extra shake could be an alternative, but I wouldn't do it too often. A lot of people here are against fruit due to it's high sugar content so that should stay minimal, but veggies are very good for you.


This is also a very newly post-op opinion.

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VSG on 10/16/12

I've hit this recently too. I am craving fruit so bad lately. All of a sudden. And no, yogurt doesn't do it. I really just want a nice bowl of cherries or strawberries, but I'm afraid of the sugars & carbs. indecision


I'm looking forward to seeing what the vets have to say about it. 

on 2/27/13 12:31 am - Nashville, TN
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This is likely your addiction to sugar ,calling  your name,if you are addicted to sugar. Fruit is pure sugar and sugar is sugar and therefore carbs,whether it is "natural" sugar,ie fructose or pure table sugar,sucralose. sugar is sugar,the body DOES NOT differentuate between types.


IMHO,as long as you are feeding the(supposed on my part) sugar addiction,you will continu to "CRAVE" fruit.  leave it out of your diet and you will stop craving it. I can virtually guarantee it. When you get to maintenance is plenty of time to add it into your diet.






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VSG on 07/19/11 with

I miss them as well. I am more than 1.5 years out and I still have a lot of restriction and little appetite, so I cannot eat much in the way of fruits and veggies ever.  I guess that is good and bad.  Good luck.  

on 2/26/13 1:33 pm - CA
VSG on 01/29/13
I've yet to find a study saying that something like a bowl of cherries is going to make someone fat. In fact, your body will thank you. The protein shakes we have to drink are nothing but chemicals. I think if you substitute one meal once in a while with some fruit, you will feel much better. Just the fiber will do wonders. Fruitarians eat thousands of calories in fruit and are skinny as rails, as raw foodists.. I know I'm in the minority, but I know nutrition and healthy eating is just as important to me as getting to goal. Fruit never made anyone fat. Processed crap did. I apologize for sounding grumpy. I'm a strong believer in fruit and veggies for health and disease prevention.
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VSG on 02/21/13

I would live to hear what the Vets have to say.  I am like you, afraid of just eating processed shakes and not whole organic fruits and veggies - even just a little bit - once I am well into maintenance.  The group leader at my surgeon's office who had VSG 3 years ago swears by juicing.  I think she gets her fresh fruit and veggies in that way, and it doesn't take up a lot of space in her Sleeve.  But, I am so new, so.....

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VSG on 01/29/13

Thank you.  I had some regret about posting what I posted only because people on here seem to think that avoiding greens and fruit is best.  I simply want to be healthy.  Sure, I was 320 on my surgery date.  But being over 40 and at 320, I still had perfect stats like blood pressure, sugar, and cholesterol.  I don't get sick.  I will always attribute this to my love of fruits and greens.  I'm a month out and last night whipped up a bunch of spinach in my food processor (chopped VERY finely), added some Fage and had spinach on my protein.  No problems at all.  If anything, I filled up faster.  I also plan to juice as yearly as I can.  

I wish you the best and healthiest journey!


on 2/27/13 12:52 am - Northern, CA

Actually there is a lot of evidence that are bodies aren't made to consume a lot of fructose. So, a cup of cherries... sure. But a huge bowl? Not so much.

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on 2/26/13 1:55 pm - Northern, CA


I'm assuming you are pretty early out and can't eat big quantities. When you get to the point where you can eat 1/2 c of "stuff" then you can make 2 oz. of that be protein and the rest veggies and occasional fruit.

Since you use things like Quest bars and protein shakes, you can keep enough of those in your diet to have the freedom to add in more veggies. For example, I had a protein shake for breakfast so I got in 44 g of protein right there. I had broccoli beef for lunch so I had veggies there. I am now having my PM snack -- protein hot chocolate and carrots. At the end of the day, I got in 100 g of protein! And two servings of veggies. And not token servings either.

But at 3 months out? My veggies were a few bites here and there and fruit was pretty rare in my diet. I just couldn't get the volume in until 6 months out and I didn't need the calories until 10 months.

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