OMG YAY! Approved!

on 3/14/13 9:48 am - Phoenix, AZ
VSG on 04/04/13

Hi Everyone,


I called Aetna today and... I'm APPROVED!! I had my final lung appointment today and I'm CLEARED!! I should get my surgery date sometime next week! I'm so EXCITED!!!!!


Jess :D


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on 3/14/13 10:24 am - NJ
VSG on 03/26/13

Awesome, congrats!

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on 3/14/13 12:10 pm - PA

congrats i am so proud of you you go girl  how long does it take to get all your testings done blood work lungs heart sleep apnea endoscopy all that see i have to get this insurance approved as well i go to my first consult week from today cant wait and get thisball rolling stopped smoking now its been two weeks and i am getting back into my zumba excersise soon and been drinking alot of water 

Christina grieb

on 3/14/13 2:45 pm - Phoenix, AZ
VSG on 04/04/13

Thanks!!  I've been working at completing everything, from the insurance required supervised diet, to all the clearances for about four months now.  The pulmonary clearance took me the longest because I found out I have sleep apnea.  The sleep studies, CPAP titration, and all of the follow-ups took over a month, but it was all completed today! I finally received clearance from them.  It was a battle of hoop-jumping, but I'm sure it will all be worth it when I'm finally sleeved :D



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on 3/15/13 4:39 am
Congrat to you I'm so happy for you .. U go girl !!!!!
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