NSV's still happening EVEN at GOAL baby! Pics!

on 4/21/13 9:40 pm - Canada
VSG on 01/25/12

Remember this woman?

I DO!  She never wanted to get off the couch....she could hardly walk a block down the street without feeling like she got the wind punched out of her.  She had excuses....so many excuses not to be active! 

Who would think that less than 15 months post-op she'd be crossing the finish line of her first ever 10km race!  Not only that but finishing in a better time than more than HALF of the other participants. 

I ran my first 10KM race yesterday WITH a stomach virus AND on only 2 hours of sleep!  Imagine what I could have accomplished in a rested and physically healthy state! 

I am now in maintenance (well trying to figure out maintenance but still losing weight lol)...I am 12.8 pounds below my goal of 150 pounds and 5'9 inches tall - YES I grew an entire inch in height after surrendering my weight!  I ran the race with my mom's husband!

And here is me...happy and more relaxed after the race and about to eat some post-race lunch with my husband!  Self Portrait!

SURGERY at Toronto Western Hospital - VSG JANUARY 25th, 2012!!

5'9 - HW - 390 SW - 368.8  GW - 150


on 4/21/13 9:50 pm

You are AMAZING!! Congratulations to you, I can only dream of getting to where you are!! Enjoy every minute angry

on 4/21/13 9:58 pm

Wow!! That is just fabulous!!! Get it, girl!!! I just had surgery on the 17th and your story is such an inspiration to me!! Keep up the EXCELLENT work!! angry



on 4/21/13 9:58 pm
VSG on 08/30/12

wow!!  you look great and I can feel your happiness through your words...

I also was trying to figure out if my goal of 140 lbs at 5'8" was too low but looking at you, I think that is exactly where I want to be

on 4/21/13 10:18 pm - WA

You are a ROCK STAR!! Wow is all I can say!!!



(deactivated member)
on 4/21/13 10:25 pm
VSG on 06/04/12
You look amazing and you sound so happy. Congratulations!
Jackie T.
on 4/21/13 10:26 pm - KS
VSG on 12/19/12 with

Congratulations!  what an accomplishment.

Highest Weight: 285 SW: 264.6 CW:163.1   Surgeon's GW: 189  PCP's GW: 165-170  

My GW:  154   MFP:  jteaford                  


on 4/21/13 10:39 pm - TX
VSG on 10/08/12

Congratulations!  You look amazing and are so inspiring!


on 4/21/13 10:41 pm - Pasadena, MD
VSG on 03/05/13

Congratulations!  That is wonderful!!! 

on 4/21/13 10:49 pm - Wilmington, DE

WOW!!  Congrats on an amazing accomplishment.  You Go Girl.

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