Getting nervous. Surgery date on June 4.

on 5/5/13 12:37 pm

I am so nervous. I have less than one month left. The first few weeks are what scare me the most. Any advice?


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on 5/5/13 12:44 pm - MO
It's normal to be nervous. I think we all will be fine..good luck with everything!!!
on 5/5/13 1:08 pm

I am worried about not being able to swallow. I know that sounds odd. I had a dream a couple of weeks ago that I was post op and I woke up and could not swallow. I know that is irrational.

Also, what is the best place to get high protein broths for the first week or so?


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on 5/5/13 1:22 pm

Its normal to be nervous.  But if you follow your doctor's advice and give yourself the best chance for a good outcome, you should be fine.  I just had surgery 5 days ago, and although the first few days weren't fun, they weren't terrible.  And today I was pretty much back to normal.  So best of luck. 

For protein, I got the  unjury unflavored, and I mix it with a name-brand chicken broth that comes in a card board box.  It's working out well for me.  Unjury does sell a chicken broth protein mix, but I decided to buy the plain so I could put it in other things as well.  It turns out that I cannot stomach the sweet protein drinks, so broth is going to be my best friend these first few weeks.

Good luck.


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on 5/5/13 1:43 pm - Newhall, CA

I think being nervous is a good thing because it is such a normal response you are having surgery for goodness sakes :) Be sure to have SF jellos and  SF popsicles. Test out the protein drinks before hand I found the isopure more tolerable when I added a crystal lite type powder to it. Also you may want to have a bottle of regular tylenol on hand I had a headache for days after surgery it wasn't bad enough to take the narcotic stuff but I needed something. You can do this.

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on 5/5/13 1:55 pm
VSG on 06/04/12
Its so normal to be nervous but keep focused on the outcome. I had my surgery last year on June 4th, the day of surgery I weighed 229 and two weeks ago I hit 134 lbs and am wearing size 4/6 down from 20/22. Your numbers and goals look like mine so think about where you will be this time next year!
on 5/5/13 11:58 pm
VSG on 06/04/12



I can relate to you in sooo many ways.  My surgery was June 4, 2012.   I was 230 pounds, very unhappy and unhealthy person.   I was nervous, excited, and full of questions.  All that is normal but 10 months from now, you are going to look back at yourself today and not recognized that person.  You are going to looked back and wish you can tell her, GIRL, what are you scared about?!?!? YOU are a rock star"  

Know that this is not an easy journey; you are going to learn a lot of yourself and the people around you.   People are going to treat you differently, you are going to treat you differently but you are going to love yourself.

The first day, I was questioning my sanity and what the hell did I do to myself.   The first two weeks are an adjustment period when you are learning about your sleeve.  My only advice will be following your doctor's instructions to the T.  WALK, WALK, WALK, WALK. 


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