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VSG on 07/16/13 with

I started my journey with a open mind and have done well so far . I have not yet had my surgery its looking like end of June maybe July. Thought a lot about which one i was going to have and after a lot of research I had my mind set on the sleeve. My last doctors appointment he told me he doesn't think I should go with that. he said because i have acid reflux and something to do with the way the cells can turn into cancer and having the sleeve would not allow a surgery to fix that in the future. ( Something similar to that) But he is going to do a endoscopy and see if there is any damage to my esophagus My mind is so confused because i have been working toward the goal of the sleeve and vitamins and things they told me to start doing to prepare have all been for the sleeve not to mention my mind was already set for this....now i have read a lot of posts about reflux and i have read that people that had both types of surgery some have had it and some don't have any but the results were kind of the same i also read that some did the sleeve anyway and don't regret it even with the reflux afterwards.....so i don't know what to do i really did not want the bypass due to the after effects that are possible such as dumping , hernia and i definitely don't like the idea of rerouting my intestines..........I hope that if you have read this you can give me some advice support anything at this point . I really feel so down right now and don't want to loose my ambition and hope! Thank you all in advance and i look forward to the comments

on 5/10/13 10:09 am - MI

I'm not aware of any causal link between sleeve gastrectomy and stomach cancer.  Sleeve gastrectomy is a common treatment for stomach cancer, so obviously if you have a sleeve and then get cancer you can't have a sleeve again.  If stomach cancer runs in your family or you think there is a reason you would stomach cancer, that's something to bear in mind.

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My doctor too was concerned with the esophagus and damaged tissue. The endoscopy showed all was well and we proceeded with the VSG. I hope you find the same. I have not had acid reflux since my sugery and I don't take any medication for it. Good luck...

Machelle 11/6/2012 with Dr. Houseworth WA


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Thank you Machelle you have given me hope that it can still turn out the way I want it to. My endoscopy is scheduled for the 21st so I am trying to wait patiently but that has never been a good quality of mine...lol How long since your surgery? If you dont mind me asking what did you start out at and how much have you lost?

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sorry i now see all your information on your surgery...lol I'm so new to this and still figuring it all out!

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Sorry Fran I may have been a little confusing as i was so upset....what I meant was because i have history of acid reflux he is hesitant about the sleeve surgery . The doctor explained that bad reflux causes your bodies cells in your esophagus to act strange and eventually they can turn into cancer if they progress enough. If I have the sleeve and my reflux was to worsen and cause this he said they wouldn't be able to do a surgery to fix it...its all so confusing and I feel sometimes the doctors rush through the appointments and there is so much to know. I personally feel like I would take my chances with the reflux because the idea of the bypass scares me I hear of so many doing well at first but the long term effects are crazy!

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