Band to Sleeve Revision Surgery 9 days away

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Well I am 10 days from my revision surgery. Was really interested in knowing what some of your experiences were post surgery. How was the pain? Did you have much nausea? Was it worse or easier than the original? I have only had a couple of surgeries in my life (band, d/c, and gallbladder) and I have always bounced right back (I was shopping in Target he day after my gallbladder). I am just really nervous and curious what to expect. Dr. Lee says the most painful spot will be were the removed the that what you all have noticed?

Thanks for your thought!

Nervous and Excited,


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Andrea H.
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Hi Angie,

I had my surgery on April 8th, and I am a band to sleeve revision. The pain was not too bad, just uncomfortable. I too was walking around Target 2 days later. The port removal incision was achy but not painful. I had some nausea the first night, I think mine was due to the pain medicine though. When I came home from the hospital my routine was sleep, sip, and walk. Walking helps a lot.

Hope this helps! Good luck to you!
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Im a band to sleeve revision too. Where the port came out def hurt the most! But boy am i glad its out. Really overall for me nothing was painful as much as really tender. Nausea for me i think was from pain meds or anesthesia. Since u get iv meds it clears quickly once they find the right meds. Dont hesitate to ask for anything!
I was so nervous beforehand- nothing to be worried abt. Drinking was (is) harder for me i think b it was a revision but it could just be me bc i had trouble after the band too.
Good luck! Im much happier so far and im only two weeks out!
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Band to sleeve for me was quite a bit more painful than having the band placed.  I had way more problems with gas and getting my fluids down for two days. 

I woke up from surgery in a lot of pain.  I had zero pain when I woke from band placement.

On day four I was doing great!

I too was worried about port site pain.  I had no pain there.  My most tender incision was the largest one on the left used to remove the stomach.

I love having the band out and like the sleeve WAY better!

Good luck, you'll do fine.


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Right there with you! I'm scheduled for the 30th as well!

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