Postop diet and questions, sleeved 6/3/13

on 6/5/13 10:14 pm

Hi all!

So I was sleeved early in the morning on 6/3/13 at Dwight D Eisenhower Army Medical Center. It turned out that I had a fairly significant hernia repair that needed to happen, too. I am sure that most of my pain comes from the hernia repair. However, I am having headaches post op that are terrible! It is because of the narcotics I was given, the IVs, or that I am not drinking enough now?

Also, I am curious what post op diets look like for other people... I was told to do clear liquids only for the first week out and then full liquids after that for a week. However, my discharge papers said only one more day of full liquids and then I could begin full liquids for the remainder of week 1 and all of week 2. Which should I follow?




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on 6/5/13 10:16 pm

I need to fix my signature... my surgery weight was 225, but I am still bloated from fluids. I am currently at 228.


HW 278 SW 225 (6/3/12)  CW 211 Dr GW 172 my GW 138


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Hi--Congrats on the surgery!

For your food plan, it'd be best for your surgeon's office to answer your questions, so give them a call. You can search around here to see others' food plans, each surgeon is different. It's best to check with yours.


Let us know how it goes!


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I wound up having a significant hernia repair too, which I didn't know I had. I was on unjury protein shakes by day two in the hospital. I wound up staying on liquid protein for far longer than the original plan. Once I was switched to pureed foods at two weeks out, I found my tummy rebelling, soooooo it was back to liquid protein shakes, smoothies, soups, gelatin, etc I guess you would call that the full liquid plan. My nutritionist is okay with this. Everyone is different and sleeves can be touchy. I still do mostly liquid protein, but try to add something like yogurt or pureed meat everyday. My nutritionist also told me I can do this for a few months if necessary, but by 6 months out I should be on all foods. I agree you should follow your doctor's plan for you, than make adjustments as needed. 



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Jane B.
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Before surgery, my NUT said to have 2 weeks liquid and 2 weeks puree, then onto what you can tolerate. I on the other hand did liquids for the first few days, then puree until I saw my surgeon 15 days after my surgery. At that appointment, she told me that I could start eating what I could tolerate. I believe every person is different and only they can know what they can tolerate. So far, I am 24 days post-op and I've been eating a regular diet just very small portions. Trying to get 90-100 grams of protein daily and plenty of fluids. I would definitely ask your surgeon and see what they say.

Sandy M.
on 6/6/13 4:46 am - Detroit Lakes, MN
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Regarding your headache - did they send you home with anti-nausea medicine?  I know for me there are some types that give me the worst headache!  Could also be dehydration.  Feel better soon!

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