me 176lbs...june is my 12 month post op...started at 299 w/ pics

on 6/11/13 12:16 pm

ok here i am..i will make this short...299 jan 2012 when i met with the wls surgeon to go over my  options...263 on the day of the vsg...i will be  12 months in 2 weeks and i am now  176....i was diagnosis pre-op testing with sleep apnea and with high blood pressure...put on  blood pressure meds and the sleep apnea machine.....still on  blood pressure meds due to it still being high...i have a  pending sleep study next month to rule out  the disorder....i love love love love my new life....i eat low carbs work out when i can and i love shopping.... i am not open to ppl at work or in my life about what i have done... im not embarrassed it is none of their business....i only threw up once and got the foamies when i did the leak test day one post op at the hospital due to the solution i had to drink for the leak  belly button is always itchy like hell.....since the surgery.... never had any problems since  discharge from the hospital with my new stomach...  this yr has been rough for me exercising due to other health issues not related to  the vsg but i am hanging in there...i log my food daily and i hold  my self accountable for this new life because i  was truely blessed to have the surgery.... words for new  vsg patients or  someone considering not compare yourself to will have stalls so no need to complain...have a plan in place to deal with the real world as you are adjusting to the new you...even if it means to seek therapy...because vsg is not a miracle and  you have to work toward maintaining a healthy lifestyle in order to see changes and to be successful.... well that is it for now....


on 6/11/13 12:32 pm
Holy smokes! You're gorgeous. Be so so proud of yourself! Thanks for your tips



on 6/11/13 12:35 pm

Thank you!!!! its been rough but i am grateful everyday that i had the chance to work on addressing my weight issues...


Denise F.
on 6/11/13 12:39 pm - Memphis, TN
VSG on 05/23/13

You look Great!!!


on 6/11/13 12:42 pm

thanks denise...i see you just started your sure you will do well....just stay positive...there are a lot of bumps in the road...


on 6/11/13 12:42 pm - NY
VSG on 06/25/13

Thank you for the brutal honesty....and you are rocking those Jackie O sunglasses!

Kathy     HW-393/Surgery weight-368/ weight post op 374 /current weight 292.5


on 6/11/13 12:43 pm

thanks kathy!!! its rough especially once you get close to a 1 yr...but you have to really stay positive as you go through  the bumps in the road and hang in there... all the time.....


Sandy M.
on 6/11/13 8:54 pm - Detroit Lakes, MN
Revision on 05/08/13

Well done beautiful lady!

Height 5'4"  HW:223 Lap band 2006, revised to Sleeve 5/8/2013, SW:196



on 6/12/13 4:58 am
Thanks sandy


on 6/11/13 9:06 pm - NJ
Inspiration and wisdom!

                                                          VSG 6/4/13