more before and after pics...1 yr after the vsg

on 6/11/13 12:23 pm

me post op...and me now at 6 pounds over weight a yr later after the vsg......


on 6/11/13 12:26 pm
VSG on 06/27/12

Girl!!!  You look great!!!


on 6/11/13 12:27 pm

thanks girl!!! we  both had the vsg on the same hanging in there...just taking one day at a have  been doing great too!!! keep up the good work!!!!


on 6/11/13 12:29 pm - Oak Park Heights, MN
VSG on 03/14/13 with





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on 6/11/13 12:37 pm

thank you I see you have done well yourself.... hang in there!!!


on 6/11/13 12:43 pm - NY
VSG on 06/25/13 look great...and I love the side by side photo..I am going to have to save some clothes for an after pic

Kathy     HW-393/Surgery weight-368/ weight post op 374 /current weight 292.5


on 6/11/13 12:45 pm

yes i still have the outfit and i will keep it....the funny thing is now i have to wear leggings under it....when i take  plan on posting  pics at 18 months post op of me  in the same out fit since jan 2012... its funny to see the difference now...


on 6/11/13 1:09 pm
VSG on 12/18/12

Woo Hoo! Good job!

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on 6/12/13 5:07 am


on 6/11/13 1:13 pm - LA
VSG on 05/06/13

bravo...keep up the good work angry