2 week post op, pulmonary embolisms and hardly any weight loss

on 6/16/13 11:37 pm

I feel defeated. I am two weeks post op. I have had multiple pulmonary embolisms in both of my lungs. I have spent a week and a half in the hospital. I am on all kinds of blood thinners. I am following the diet and I am walking a mile plus every day. I have only lost 5 lbs from my day of surgery weight. I was 225 on the morning of surgery. I gained to 238 with all the fluids at the hospital. I am now 220. I totally thought I would have lost more by now. I have sat at this weight for an entire week now. I am frustrated. Any words of wisdom/encouragement? I know things begin to slow down after this, which scares me because I have hardly lost anything so far. If this is it, why did I bother!?


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Sandy M.
on 6/16/13 11:57 pm - Detroit Lakes, MN
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You may feel defeated, but you're not!  Your body has had plenty of trauma (and I'm so sorry about that)!  For right now, concentrate on getting your fluids in, walking, and plenty of rest.  The weight loss will come soon, I promise.


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on 6/17/13 12:14 am
VSG on 08/30/12
your body has goner through LOT Of trauma...let it heal a bit and then Im sure you will see more progress....you have a LONGGG time to worry about weight loss slowing down... no worries!! feel better soon...

If you feel up to it, go for more walks to keep both your blood flow up and the calories burning..and of course drink LOTS of fluids...
on 6/17/13 12:20 am - NJ
VSG on 03/26/13

Oh my goodness...I am so sorry about your embolisms!  That is very scary and serious stuff that your body has to combat.  Don't worry...the first few weeks after surgery I had a pretty hefty gain (from the IV fluids) and it took my body a few weeks to release all of that fluid and then start dropping the weight.  It will happen for you.  Do your best to get your fluids in and follow your doctor's plan and take care of yourself!! 

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on 6/17/13 12:35 am
VSG on 06/20/13

So sorry for your challenges! I hate that you had to go through all of that.

I'm preparing myself for the initial fluid weight gain. I had my GB out 3 weeks ago tomorrow and I weighed 249 when I left the house, 253 on the hospital scale before surgery, and 254 on my home scale when I got home. It kept going up for 2 more days, to the point where I called the surgeon and said for all intents and purposes WTF!? And then it started to go down. And 3 days later I was 246. It was a lot on my body to go up and then down so much in a few days.Your swing was even more dramatic than mine. Give yourself a break. You're working the program and you're going to do great. You have lost a ton of weight... technically 18 pounds in just a few days. Your body will catch up with the plan that you're following, and you will do great. In fact, I think you are doing great already - with all your complications from surgery and you're still following the plan and walking for exercise? Fantastic. Proud of you! Be proud of yourself!

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Keith L.
on 6/17/13 12:43 am - Navarre, FL
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Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Stop the clock! First the fact that you are on all kinds of meds and still in the hospital would cover the no weight loss. Your body is not even thinking about losing weight right now. It is trying to heal and it is also very inflamed right now between the surgery the embolisms and the blood thinners. You may very well have lost more weight but because of the swelling, etc it is only showing a 5lbs loss. Worry about what the scale says after you get home, get settled into a routine, start eating good foods, etc. This is a long journey, a marathon, not a sprint.

I promise you this is not it. Give your body a chance, you have a lot of healing to do. My biggest piece of advice right now is to keep walking and make sure you are drinking as much water as you can handle. Those two things alone will keep the scale moving.

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on 6/17/13 12:56 am

You also have a lower BMI, so you probably won't lose as fast as some of the higher BMI people.

The bloodclots are scary.  What symptoms did you have?

on 6/17/13 3:22 am
VSG on 03/05/13

also remember that you lost 50 some-odd pounds BEFORE surgery.  Your body had already ridden itself of all fluid retention (water weight).  That's what most of us see immediately postoperatively.  You are close to 60 pounds down.  You may discount the 50+ preop, but your body does not.  Give it a break, it's BEEN burning fat nonstop for a while now.  You already had your "quick start" prior to surgery. 

it'll come off.

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