Six months and nsv

on 6/24/13 1:54 am - Houston, TX
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I had a fun weekend away with dh that involved air travel.  What an eye opening experience!  I had extra room on my seatbelt.  A lot!  I could walk down the aisle and not hit people or seats with my hips or ass!  I could walk normally, not swing my hips strategically between seats.  I even slipped past two flight attendants who didn't object and we didn't TOUCH!!  I bought a tshirt and it is too big, didn't believe I could get any smaller than x-l.  I would upload a pic of me inside a tree in the Muir Woods if I knew how, but I am not tech gifted.  We hiked the entire park with no problems or rests, very spiritual for me.  I actually wanted some pictures of me.  



on 6/24/13 1:55 am - Omaha, NE
VSG on 05/17/13

Sounds wonderful - congrats on your NSVs!

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on 6/24/13 2:19 am

Sounds awesome, WTG!!!  I love hearing all these cool vacation NSV's!!!




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So cool!!!  Way to go!

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on 6/24/13 6:54 am

Is any one on this forum had surgery or planning surgery through kaiser Richmond


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on 6/24/13 11:15 am


That is awesome!!!!! You have done so well. 

This post really hits home, I cannot wait to have this experience.  Now I need to plan a getaway!!!!

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Sounds like a great trip with great NSVs! Congrats!



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