Seat Belt Extenders-Guess I Can Stop Using Those Now

on 7/12/13 9:12 pm
VSG on 08/06/12 with

I've been using extenders in each vehicle I use for the past several years.  I was still using one, but have noticed the one for my truck now comes up to my chest.  Looks kinda silly so I tried it without. Yeah, it fit fine with plenty of room to spare.  :)   Logically I knew I didn't need it, but my mind is still not living in the present.

Hopefully my brain catches up.  I still get this feeling of dread when I enter a restaurant because I used to always request a table, but I'm learning that booths are fine now. 

Well, I gotta go.. I'm going shopping for some nice threads for a company meeting this week at Put-In-Bay. I'm going to go and enjoy myself and take part in activities that I would have avoided on the past in order to avoid possible embarrassment.   


on 7/12/13 9:28 pm - Bad Axe, MI
VSG on 10/09/12

Congrats on the feeling and loss. I know what you mean , you don't see the loss yourself until something major changes. I am heading  for Vegas in October and am wondering about the extender on the plane. Last time I had to use it. 

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on 7/12/13 10:13 pm
VSG on 08/06/12 with
I actually feel a little weird without it. Eventually it will be normal.
on 7/12/13 9:48 pm


Over 250 lbs LOST??!!!!! AWESOME!!

Yeah...I guess there will some pretty major adjustments you're gonna have to make nowkiss!

Taking that extender off was so symbolic. It's the start of your acceptance that this is real and you have the power to make it permanent!

Sooooooo many wonderful things changing for you!! I can say that it can be a scary new world...but enjoy every new experience and embrace it!!

This is WONDERFUL !!!!!! YAY YOU!!!angry



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on 7/12/13 10:15 pm
VSG on 08/06/12 with
I think we all need to take these symbolic steps along the way. They're milemarkers.
on 7/12/13 10:08 pm

WOW.  Congratulations on a job well done.  250 pounds lost!

I've lost 100 pounds, and I also find my brain hasn't caught up with my body yet.  Its wonderful to fit in booths, and have space between the belly and the steering wheel. 

I'm so happy for you. You should be proud of yourself.  This weight loss process is hard work!



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Tirza T.
on 7/12/13 10:46 pm
VSG on 01/17/12

Your weight loss is incredible and that large number of pounds gone forever are impressive. But, the NSV's are the best! These are some exciting NSV's have a great time at your Company Meeting.

on 7/12/13 11:58 pm - TX
That is so great!


on 7/13/13 1:10 am - Mansfield, TX

Excellent NSV!  Congratulations on your wonderful success.  It does take some time to wrap our heads around all the probably could have gotten rid of that extender ages ago....Way to go!!!


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Mike B.
on 7/13/13 2:10 am
OMG over 250lbs lost, that is freaking AMAZING Way to go!!!!! Now about the seat belt NSV, that is exciting also. It is crazy how our brain sometimes can't keep up with our weight loss. I have lost 95lbs and 1 1/2 years out and my mind still play tricks on me. Most of the time its when I'm eating. I think I can eat more than what is on my plate, but really I can't. Enjoy your shopping and all the activities coming up. Keep doing what you're doing because you are rocking that sleeve. . Let us know how those activities go.

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