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on 7/24/13 7:59 am
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I was just reading over my new patient booklet, and there are three vitamins I'm supposed to take:


Chewable Calcium Citrate

Sublingual B12

Unless I'm reading this incorrectly (which I hope I am), the cost for these is $86/month.  Does that sound right?  Also, do any of you use flex spending accounts to pay for your vitamins?

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Mine are less than $86.00 a month and I take way more than three. Are they wanting you to buy them from the surgeons office? If so they have added about 100% to the cost they pay for them. It probably is a huge revenue Source for them. I would find another place to buy them more cheaply.




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on 7/24/13 8:10 am

You can find a chewable multivitamin at the grocery store for less than 10 bucks for a month supply. The calcium is a little pricier but if you do your research and dont buy the expensive stuff from your surgeon you can save yourself some money. Not sure how good your insurance is but you can opt for a nasal or injectable B12  which are prescription only and your insurance will pick up most of the cost (mine covers it at 100%). Everyone's insurance is different though, I have Cigna and since I work for them we get the best plans available. Hopefully this may help you out!

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Flex spending can't be used for vitamins, that's been excluded for a few years now.

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Go check out some $ there but read the label carefully for the calcium

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VSG on 04/25/13
Trader Joe's Chewable Multi - $8.00 (90 day supply)
Opurity Calcium Citrate Chewables - $21.00 (30 day supply)
Nature's Made B-12 - $8.00 (90+ supply)
= approx. $27.00 p/mo

You can certainly find Cal Citrate less expensive, but I find even the petite pills too large (for me). And I like the taste of the ones I buy. And they don't upset my stomach.

And these vitamins are A heck of a lot less expensive than prescription meds to diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc....



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Calcium Citrate with Vitamin D on Ebay=Around 10-12 $ for about a 45 day supply. Many people sell them cheap on there just make sure the ad says the expiration date.


Centrum complete multivitamin on Ebay=10$ for 3-4 months supply Again, people sell them cheaply on there just make sure you check the expiration date.

Sublingual b12=5 bucks on Ebay and lasts me for months