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Hi guys,

I finally had my consultation with the second surgeon this morning (and I've decided upon him).  It feels good to finally have a timetable in order, and everything is moving in the right direction.  Finally some action!

I am doing the three month multi-discplinary program that my insurance accommodates- and I've scheduled all my nutritionist appointments, exercise therapist appointments, and behavior modification appointments, and those will all be completed as of 9-17.  I am also getting an endoscopy, medical clearance, psychiatric clearance, and all that other good stuff.  If all goes according to plan, they will submit the paperwork for insurance authorization in September, and upon approval, surgery will be scheduled within 4-6 weeks.  I'm hoping for a November surgery date, but I'm also aware that I may need to be flexible dependent on factors outside my control.

The practice had a great vibe, and the surgeon was wonderful. 

Just wanted to update you all and thank you for answering all my questions (I'm sure I will continue to have more). 

on 7/24/13 2:49 am - Broussard, LA
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good for you. It seems that once we get things in place we feel so much better and sometimes things seem to move a lot faster than usual. keep us updated on your journey and congratulations on taking the first steps.

You survived what you thought would kill you. Now straighten your crown and go forward like the Queen you are!


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thanks for the support!

on 7/24/13 4:44 am - McDonough, GA
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Congratulations. That's a good feeling, isn't it? Hope everything goes smoothly for you.

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thank you!  feel so much better with all the pre-op appointments scheduled.

VSG on 06/12/13
Hey! Welcome back! Glad you have a plan up and running.


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Welcome and congrats!

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on 7/24/13 7:36 am
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oh and sleep schedule is also now scheduled!

on 7/24/13 9:42 am - MD

So glad you found one you are happy with! When I did that, it seems like I had at least one appt a week. It will fly by!

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