One Year, 260 lbs... A Retrospective (Pix)

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One year ago I had my surgery to repair my stomach and begin my recovery.  In the past year plus I have lost 260 lbs. from my original weight of 555 lbs.  It has not been an easy journey, but it is worth the ride.  While I still have a little way to go, I have learned a lot and I thought I would take a moment to share a few ramblings.  My path is my path, so take it for what it is.  Other people have different issues and different approaches.  Maybe someone can relate to my approach and benefit from my sharing.  If it does not apply to you, just pass on by…

  • My initial success came from lack of appetite and restriction that kept me in line
  • Later struggles were a result of too much carbs.  Detoxing and limiting carbs led to continued weight loss.
  • It next became obvious I was transferring my addiction for food to alcohol.  Booze was meeting the need to cope with stress, but I was beginning to stay buzzed from breakfast through evening.  The problem with VSG is there is a very fine line from buzzed to blacked out.  I didn’t like what was happening and this pushed me to therapy.
  • Despite losing a lot of weight, I was NOT happy.  I was angry, short tempered, mean, sad, depressed.  Therapy/counseling really helped.  I am currently trying to get to the root causes of my food addiction in order to better recognize what is happening and cope better.
  • I have used behavior modification, environmental control and relaxation techniques to help cope but I know they are just patches.
  • When I have a bad eating day, I don’t get down about it.  I just start over the next day and get back on track.
  • Buying new clothes is fun.  Especially when they are so affordable compared to B&T. Bright, daring colors and different styles have helped me accept that I have changed despite people telling me I looked different for months.  I actually WANT people to look at me now.
  • Doing things I couldn’t do before sometimes blows my mind, but they really motivate me to plow ahead and not go back.  I intentionally do different things to convince my brain I am different.
  • Support groups have been invaluable.
  • Logging my food in MFP has been so helpful.  I suppose I may always need to record my food.
  • If I want a treat once in a while I work it into my plan.  Feeling deprived will only lead me to binging. However, I do avoid certain foods that are binge triggers such as pizza, McDonalds, Burger King, pancakes, gravy.
  • So, that’s what my penis looks like.  It’s not that scary J
  • Now I like being IN FRONT of the camera.
  • Getting below 300 lbs was a major milestone: I have not weighed under 300 since before my freshman year of college.
  • Folding chairs, ball park seats, movie theaters: no problem
  • Restaurant booths don’t scare me.  Marsupials do.  Because they’re fast.
  • I have a collection of seat belt extenders, but it is not very exciting to show off.
  • More energy, more confidence, better professional success, better sex.
  • I’ve been fortunate to receive no negativity, no catty or underhanded compliments, no doubts from friends/family/associates.  Only positive support and genuine compliments.

It is with a great deal of embarrassment that I show these, but here are a couple pix from New Years 2006 (NOT my heaviest) and one from today:


Thanks for your support on this forum.  I'm here to say that if someone as messed up as me can come this far, I am convinced anyone can do well.

Have a great day!



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Congratulations!  Not much farther to go, I know you will have continued success.

Good line about Marsupials!

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Not sure if there are any Kevin Pollock fans out there.
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I totally heard that line in Christopher Walken's voice!

Great job!!! You have a lot to be proud of. Your story and pics are very inspiring to me!


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Congratulations!  You look like a totally different person.  Keep up the good work.

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You look fantastic. You should be so proud of yourself. You have come such a long way. Keep up the good work. You will be to goal in no time.

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Thank you for the compliments. I am beginning to believe them.
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Hi  and yes Medicare does approve  the sleeve. I am on Medicare  and  they will cover  all of my surgery except for the hospital stay. At  least with my plan. 

Marley M.
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OMG! You look awesome.  Wishing you continued success.

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Thank you for sharing your journey so far.  Congrats!