Buying New Clothes - Recommendations? (Big Top, Little Bottom) help a fashion-emergency...

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Apparently I have chicken waist is sitting at a size 16, and i feel like the remainder of my bottom portion is sitting at a size 8...which causes my size 16 pants to look RIDICULOUS!  As I'm not done loosing weight or inches, I'm trying to be economical with my purchases (yes, thrift store, but some new stuff too) and I'm unsure as to how buying a pair of pants for $5 then paying $30 to alter them is a viable solution--considering i'm a professional woman and need WORK clothes!


So, what I'm asking is...anyone have recommendations for slimmer cut pants brands (particularly lower in the body) so that I could minimize the amount of tailoring? Or am I just going to have to tough it out for a few more months and looking like M C Hammer


And while I am here, where can I get a bra fitting that's not a sales pitch? I'm still using my 44DD bras, and they just don't fit...

Do you do bra measurements with or without a bra on?


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We should pair up I am little top and big bottom~~ I have no suggestions only wishing you the best
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elastic waistbands!
you can even buy elastic for the pants you have & google or youtube directions on how to insert to give your current pants a few more weeks/months of life before going down a size...
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I have the same problem, I'm definitely an apple shape!  I bought a pair of Old Navy jeans, the "Diva" line.  They're cut more for gals our shape.



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I found great bras in kmart of all place...
I was looking for CHEAP b/c I don't know how my girls are gonna end up
WELL!! Let me tell you I brought a Hanes bra it's called Hanes t-shirt push up bra!!
It's a little padded but I look like I've had a boob job!!! They are back to where they where when I was 20!!! And the real plus they are COMFORTABLE!!!
I'm so happy with them I went online and brought 5 more!!!
And there CHEAP I paid $12!!! Soo much better than my $50 ones!!


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You should measure for a bra with a bra on (the best fitting bra you have).

I can't help with the trousers problem. Well, I have heard that Eddie Bauer makes trousers that fit people with slimmer legs well? But I haven't tried them myself.

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I'm hour glass shaped, but I totally recommend the Old Navy Diva line.  My thighs are really small compared to my hips and I have no butt, and they are the only inexpensive jeans that actually hug that part of my body, and they are always running sales.  I'd look for skinny pants with stretch, probably something light weight that has some more give in the waist so you go smaller because of the bottom.  I hate the hammer pant look.  I actually don't wear dress pants because of that.  Have you thought about skirts?  I love all those knit pencil skirts.


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Here is a great article from WebMD

What to Wear While You Lose Weight

Do you have a Soma near you?  If so, go there as they are the best with bra fittings.  Their items can be pricie, but you will have an accurate size and then you can buy anywhere you want.  If you don't have a Soma near you, go to the nearest mall and try some of the high end retail stores like Macy's, Lord & Taylor.


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Go to Sears. I have the same problem as you. My legs are like chicken legs and honest are the smallest they have ever been in my whole life even when I weighted 140 in my teenage years. But now I weigh 195 and my stomach and mid section don't match my legs. I found capris at sears size 14 that fit perfectly. I also wear a lot of those leggings with a loose shirt. But for work you could try skirts and that way you can show off those great legs and still be comfortable.

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I have a similar pants problem.  I have bought a few pair at Kohl's and NY & Co.  My skinny jeans fit really well (size 14), but my dress pants for work are a little goofy still.  I try and fit the largest part of my body and flow down from there, but then I have to make sure I have a more fitted top.

NY & Co does have different sizes (short, tall, regular, etc). 

I do have a lot of dresses for work though & they look pretty awesome.  The skirt idea above is a great one too!

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