1 Year Surgeon Appt. Can you see the difference in these pix?

on 8/8/13 1:54 am
VSG on 08/06/12 with

From my 1 year follow-up today:

on 8/8/13 2:04 am - Plainwell, MI

You look GREAT!  Keep it up!


Jennifer L.
on 8/8/13 2:05 am - Dayton, OH
VSG on 07/10/13

Great job!!!

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on 8/8/13 2:24 am
VSG on 11/21/12

Absolutely can see the difference, friend. 


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on 8/8/13 2:28 am - AL

Yes we can!!!! P.S. how do u upload pics???



on 8/8/13 2:31 am
VSG on 08/06/12 with
I have to use a pc or laptop (iPad can't seem to do it.)

I just upload the pix to your OH Profile using the simple uploader then copy & paste them into the body of your message.

on 8/8/13 2:41 am


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on 8/8/13 2:48 am - TX
VSG on 08/06/13 with
What a difference a year makes!!! Congrats
on 8/8/13 3:04 am
VSG on 06/20/13

Hmmmm did you get a haircut? lol :) GREAT JOB! You look awesome!

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on 8/8/13 3:28 am, edited 8/8/13 3:28 am

OMG! You must feel FANTASTIC! You look great! I can still tell it's you, but you look so much younger and HAPPY! I am in awe of what you have done. It takes a lot of work, courage, diligence, and insight to accomplish what you have this past year. I hope you are damn proud of yourself, because you sure as hell ought to be! You, kind sir, are a VSG ROCK STAR!