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VSG on 11/25/13 with

Is high cholesterol considered a co-morbidity?  I can't seem to find anything on this...

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For my was not.  I think it is generally not considered a co-morbidity. My friend ended up having a sleep study and turns out she has sleep apnea..which is a co-morbidity and she did get appvd. Not Aetna ins.

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VSG on 12/17/13
If you have WLS coverage, this is their standard guideline... Hope this helps!

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I have Aetna and I did get a document from them that listed high Cholesterol. I am going in for a sleep study. I am covering all bases. 

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VSG on 10/02/13

It is not. Read the clinical policy bulletin posted above. If your BMi is over 40 for the last 2 years you're fine. If its 35-40 there are only 4 co-morbidities recognized...clinically significant sleep apnea, hypertension uncontrolled by at least 3 BP meds, type II diabetes, or coronary heart disease. Those are the only ones they consider. The dyslipidemia (high cholesterol) mentioned in the bulletin is for an adolescent. Hope that helps!

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thank you!

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I have Aetna, but I had co-morbidity of sleep apnea, and metabolic syndrome. You can call the Aetna 800# and talk to a customer service rep. Not all reps are on the ball, so I called a few times and spoke with various people. Also, on their web site search "obesity" and you can find the requirements for bariatric surgery. In addition, there should be a patient advocate representative at your surgeons office that can help you with insurance questions. They deal with all insurances, so they are familiar with the ins and outs. Good luck to you.

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