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on 8/15/13 2:01 am - Lincoln, NE

Hey all-


I have my Nutritionist therapy appt today-what questions had you wished you asked?   I want to make sure I don't forget anything!  


Approved!   Meet with surgeon 4/1 to get my surgery date! 


on 8/15/13 2:43 am

Thanks for your post. I have my appointment next Tuesday. So glad to get this process underway. 

on 8/15/13 4:19 am
VSG on 11/21/12

1)  Does the postop food plan have a daily limit for carbohydrate intake?

2)  Does the postop food plan recommend eating protein bars?  If so, why, and which ones?

3)  How much fiber does the postop plan recommend per day?

You may be given your goal for daily protein intake for the time when you've progressed through the postop food stages, but if  you're not you could ask about that as well. 

If you have any specific trigger foods, you might want to talk to the nutritionist about that.  I kept getting a recommendation from my person to eat high-fiber cereal.  Since cereal is one of my triggers I had to refuse that.  Once I explained it to my person she was completely on board and backed off. 

Good luck!  Learn, baby, learn!  :)


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