Kind of a different Scale Victory!

on 8/17/13 11:07 am
I remember my husband and I getting on the scales over 29 years ago. I weighed 2 pounds less than he did (157 and 159). Took all of 6 months to switch those rolls, and it stayed that way all this time, sometimes to the tune of 160 plus pounds over him!! My joy knew no bounds this year when I finally weigh less than he does again. Are you out (smaller sized than his jeans yet?). You will be! Yours is one of my favorite NSV's. top 10 for sure. Congratulations! Bonnie

  goal!!! August 20, 2013   age: 59  High weight: 345 (June, 2011)  Consult weight: 293 (June, 2012)  Pre-Op: 253 (Nov., 2012) Surgery weight: 235 (Dec. 12, 2012) Current weight: 145

 TOTAL POUNDS LOST- 200 (110 pounds lost before surgery, 90 pounds lost Post Op.diabetes in remission-blood pressure normal-cholesterol and triglyceride levels normal!  BMI from 55.6  supermorbidly obese to 23.6  normal!!!!  



on 8/17/13 12:45 pm
VSG on 12/18/12

Thank you, Bonnie! I did try on his jeans and I CAN get them on. It's been a few weeks though so now I have to try them on again to see if they are too big! I did buy my first pair of size 8 Levi's today! I am loving life. Looks like you've been doing great, yourself! Congratulations!

   Starting weight-244.4   Currently-145.2   Surgeon goal-150   My own goal-140        



on 8/17/13 1:14 pm
VSG on 05/28/13

Congrats!! That is so so exciting!!

"For every pound dropped it's one less pound to worry about in my future."




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