How Long did it take you to hear back from insurance?


on 8/20/13 7:40 am
VSG on 11/25/13 with

Once you submitted to your insurance, how long did it take to hear back?  And what insurance provider do you have?

Thanks in advance!

on 8/20/13 8:10 am - TN
VSG on 06/19/13

heard back in less than 24 hours. I have Cigna.

on 8/20/13 8:11 am

5 days from Medical Mutual.  Stay strong!!

on 8/20/13 8:14 am

I had Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and I heard back in less than a week.  My hospital expected it to be fast, as they scheduled my surgery for 2 weeks after I finished the required pre-op diet, and there was no problem making it happen.

I did call them regularly to find out, and I did not receive the official letter until about a week after I finished the surgery! hehehe

Best of luck with your weight loss journey.



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on 8/20/13 9:58 am - MD

If you have Aetna, they legally have 21 business days to let you know. Typically though you know within 10 business days


on 8/20/13 11:17 am
VSG on 11/25/13 with

=)  Thanks, Ash.

on 8/20/13 10:08 am - MO
VSG on 07/29/13

My coordinator turned in all the information Wednesday, July 3 and I got a call on my cell phone on Tuesday, July 9 telling me I was approved.  I think it may have even been quicker if it were not the 4th of July weekend.  Plus I was out of town on vacation and they may have tried to call me at home first too. 

I have a version of Cigna

on 8/20/13 10:12 am

Less than 1 week.

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on 8/20/13 10:50 am
VSG on 07/08/13 with

One week exactly.  I have BCBS-TRS Active Care (part of the teachers retirement system here in Texas).

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on 10/8/13 6:09 am
I have bcbs trs as well and I'm trying to figure out how much I will end up paying for my 20%. I have the active care 2 plan. Would u mind sharing how much your surgery ended up costing?
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