I've got the Ap.


on 8/21/13 10:02 am
VSG on 11/25/13 with

Sleep apnea diagnosis, that is.  Was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea today by sleep study analysis (5 RDIs per hour).  Does anyone know if "mild sleep apnea" is still considered a comorbidity (I have Aetna).  I would assume sleep apnea is sleep apnea. 

on 8/21/13 10:06 am
RNY on 05/29/13

They should cover a CPAP for this, so I would say yes, but Aetna has some strange policies.


on 8/21/13 10:08 am
VSG on 11/25/13 with

sleep center said it was up to me if i wanted cpa*****t.  do you think in order for it to be considered a comborbidity i should get one?

on 8/21/13 10:30 am - Denver, CO
VSG on 12/18/13

I had sleep apnea, but I could not stand the machine! It just didn't work out for me...so I just stopped using it! Since then I have had my tonsils removed and turbinates reduced, which really helped my breathing. I have not gotten another sleep apnea test thought, so who knows now! I sleep alone so I have no clue if I snore or anything now. Good luck to you!

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Keith L.
on 8/21/13 10:33 am - Navarre, FL
VSG on 09/28/12 with

As for insurance purposes, sleep apnea is sleep apnea, but you are only 2 RDIs above normal. Normal is 3. Mine was over 100 when I was using my CPAP.

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on 8/21/13 10:36 am
VSG on 11/25/13 with

but this should still be sufficient for co-morbidity qualifying insurance purposes, you think?  (also, i realize i am very lucky not to have a severe case)

on 8/21/13 11:10 am
VSG on 07/15/13

I had 5 as well and told 4 would have meant no sleep apnea.  My office said don't go under 40 bmi (made me gain some weight back) because they didn't trust that the insurance would count it.



on 8/21/13 11:12 am
VSG on 11/25/13 with

ugh- aetna requires a two year weight history, and one of the years i had bmi of 39.4. 

i need the sleep apnea as a comorbidity!  argh.

on 8/21/13 12:20 pm

I was denied (by Aetna) for a 39.something. Here's hoping your apnea counts! Man that sounds weird!  But you know what I mean! 


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on 8/21/13 12:25 pm
VSG on 11/25/13 with

uh oh- did you appeal?  did you have any co-morbidities?

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