Liquid Diet

on 8/26/13 1:41 pm

My husband is having the sleeve Friday 30th. So he starts his liquid diet tomorrow.could someone tell me is pudding  considered a liquid. Trying to get as many ideas as possible thanks for any advice

on 8/26/13 10:41 pm
VSG on 07/12/13

Pudding was not considered a liquid on my plan. Couple of things I lived off of.

Sugar Free Jello

Sugar Free Popsicles

Broth - Chicken, Beef or Veg

Your Dr should give you a list, if not call them and ask for one.

Best WIshes!!!!!!!

on 8/27/13 1:16 am - MI
VSG on 03/08/12

Careful regarding even liquids with color in them, there is probably a restriction as to when to stop those.  They dye your insides and are usually not permitted within a certain time frame of surgery.

Best to get a list from the surgeon,  All surgeon's are different.

Blessings to your husband.  Hope surgery goes perfectly!

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