NSV-Tennis Team Playing in Southern Regionals

on 9/29/13 12:30 am - LA
VSG on 04/24/13

This weekend my tennis team played in the USTA Southern Regionals and I had several NSV's. My captain gave us our shirts from last years state tournament, this years state tournament and this weekends regional tournament.  My shirt size from last year was a 2xl, my size from state I ordered two months ago was xl and my shirt from regionals was a medium.  For the first time since starting tennis seven years ago I did not stand out as the largest person out there.  In our team photo, I actually liked the way I looked...normal.  My partner and I also won all our matches.  Even with 98 degree heat I had a ton of energy and felt great.  I am five months out and thought about drinking wine or beer this weekend for the first time since surgery  but Keith's comments on alcohol from Thursday's post kept lingering in my mind and I decided it wasn't worth it to me.  I had a great weekend and I am so grateful for my sleeve and for all the support and knowledge I gain from this forum.   I will try to post a photo soon.  

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Sandy M.
on 9/29/13 12:48 am - Detroit Lakes, MN
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Way to go!

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on 9/29/13 5:06 am - Irvine, CA

Awesome post!  It is great to hear about all the ways that wls can open doors to living life to the fullest.   Congratulations.angry

on 9/29/13 3:30 pm
VSG on 08/26/13
Congrats! What an exciting victory on many levels. I hope y'all keep kickin butt!

I too, am holding off on alcohol. I'm from La too. I'm only a month out but do miss my weekly ****tail or two.

Good luck in future events.

on 9/30/13 9:35 am

Great NSV's !!!!

You so got this !!!


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