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VSG on 10/14/13 with

I am currently on my two week pre-op which started this pass Sunday. I have not been able to find any good tasting protein shakes. I am struggling so hard with this diet, but I haven't eaten anything that is unhealthy. I am just struggling with the protein shakes and soups for this week.  I have tried the Atkins Advantage, Special K, Bariatric Advantage Vegetable soup have all been horrible. I am not good at drinking anything that has no taste or is just not good at all. I ordered some of the unjury chick flavor night, but that will not be here until Thursday. I need all the help and advice I can get, because I want to do good on my diet. So far I have lost 5 pounds this week on the diet, but I really need more options on shakes or soups to try so that I can get my protein in. I am coming to you all because most of you have been in my shoes and I know that I will get some great advice. Please any help that you can give me I really appreciate it. Thanks!

FYI: My doctor requires I drink one protein shake or soup twice daily, two approved snacks daily, one lean and green meal that includes three vegetables. I can substitute one vegetable for fruit this week.  Next week I have to do FIVE SHAKES a day. I know that is going to be ruff week, because its the last week before surgery. I keep telling myself I will not fail, because its my life on the line here and I want to do everything right. So once again any help I can get I really need it.

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Chrissy W.
on 10/1/13 5:31 am - Indianapolis, IN
VSG on 07/01/13

If you have a Vitamin Shoppe nearby (or something similar), stop in and get some samples. A lot of people here rave about Syntrax protein powders. I personally use Syntrax Nectar Vanilla Bean Torte, but there are TONS of flavors and I haven't found on yet that I didn't really LIKE (not tolerate, LIKE).

Good luck, hon. You'll find one that you like. It just may take some trial and error.

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Linda B.
on 10/1/13 5:43 am - CO
VSG on 09/13/12

Protein shakes are an interesting thing. Everybody is different regarding what they like. Getting through the next few weeks will be hard, both pre-op and post-op, you will find that you might end up with flavor fatigue. That said, don't get to much of any protein pre-op, your tastes will change post-op. There have been many posts and replies about this in the past. Just know as you navigate through the next several weeks, it is temporary. Eventually you will graduate back to real food. Most of us still have at least one protein shake a day to make sure we get enough, but I promise it is much easier down the road. Hang in there, you can do it.  

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Cathy K.
on 10/1/13 5:57 am

I also like the the syntrax brand from the vitiman shoppe. My favorite is Unjury brand which you have to order on-line. Choc. spender, vanilla and chicken soup are very good. They also have a higher count of protein (20 gms. & up) then the grocery store type.

on 10/1/13 5:58 am

Lots o' recipes to get rid of the blahs with shakes...
I use shakeology now for maintenance. Used EAS when I was post-op.


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VSG on 09/04/13

I tried multiple whey protein products and ready-made shakes and isopure -- All were Fails.  Either they were too sweet or frothy or gritty or grainy or just plain icky & ucky.

Today, after hearing raving reviews for Nectar Vanilla -- I went to the Vitamin Shoppe and got a couple of individual packages.  Came home and mixed up a shake w/ some low fat greek yogurt.  To my amazement -- It worked.  No grit, grainy texture.  No frothy, bubbles, no aftertaste.  It was like finding a miracle.

I'm 4 wks post op & I'm dropping weight so fast, my doc suggested adding massive protein to try and slow it down & help my energy levels.

It's worth every penny!  Hope this helps.  I'm getting the unflavored to put in soups and dishes as well as the vanilla to make my smoothies.

Good luck.  Hope this helps.

on 10/1/13 7:32 am - Clearwater, FL
Syntrax Nectar are the best tasting shakes around, hands down. DO NOT BUY THEM IN STORE because they are really expensive if not on sale, up to $50 for 2lb. I find the best sure to order anything they have the 2lb jugs fire like $30 bucks and also the Syntrax Matrix are pretty good. I'll buy em when I'm budgeting. I get a5lb bag for like $30. The best flavor are banana n cream and orange n cream. Hope this helps
on 10/1/13 7:52 am
VSG on 09/27/13
I love premier protein, chocolate...I get them at Costco!
on 10/1/13 8:57 am - TX
VSG on 09/23/13

What helped me with the protein drinks.... I bought a big bag of ice chips, and I pour the drink in a shaker cup, fill it up the rest of the way with ice and shake.  Turns it into a chocolaty slushy... yum!  And it also dilutes it, and gives it a smoother taste.  

Since I was a kid, I always had to drink my milk products with ice.  Even if I ate cereal with milk, I would throw in two ice cubes into the bowl.  Weird, I know... but it made milk taste so much better.


on 10/1/13 10:02 am - Eugene/Springfield, OR
VSG on 07/22/13

i like the premier protein that you get at Costco or Walmart , I like the chocolate the best


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