2 week of Pre-Op Diet

on 10/7/13 10:07 am
VSG on 10/14/13 with

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to give a quick update on the pre-op diet. This is the first day of the second week and I have started all liquid this week. I am drinking the Premier Protein Chocolate protein drinks this, and I am ordering some different flavors from unjury and they will be here soon. The Premier chocolate is not that bad. I am suppose to have 5 shakes a day but since these have more protein than the bariatric advantage protein shakes I am drinking 3 per day. I will admit I messed up once last week, because I was so hungry but I have not messed up anymore since. I  have lost about 14pds so far since I have been on the diet. I am so proud of myself for that accomplishment even thou I mess up once. This week I know is going to be little harder because I don't have the one meal per day anymore, its just all liquid. Next Monday this time I will be officially sleeved. I just hope that I have done good enough on my pre-op diet so that I will be able to have surgery. Wish me luck everyone! I will keep everyone posted on my progress.

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Good luck!! I start my liq diet Oct14th!!
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VSG on 10/21/13

Good luck with your second week!  I just started my first day of 2 week pre-op liquid diet.  It has been tough!  Flying home from West Coast to NY with whole family all day.  Snacks, now stopping to get dinner on the drive home.  I am drinking my shakes ugh!  I know it is for a very good reason but still hard!  

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If you dont mind me asking what does your doctor require for your pre-op diet the 2weeks? My doctor did let me have one meal the first week, but it have to be all lean and green including 3 vegetables. This week is all liquids thou. Also which protein drinks are you drinking as well?

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VSG on 11/18/13

You are so lucky to have had that one meal per day. My surgeon says only liquids for two weeks.

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VSG on 10/21/13

My doctor has me drinking 4 optifast shakes a day and I can eat 2 optifast bars.  I can also have decaf coffee, tea and no cal beverages.  Then just clear liquids two days before surgery.  

on 10/8/13 2:40 am

Yes Good Luck I start mine on the 14th too....

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on 10/7/13 12:34 pm - Irvine, CA

Congratulations on your upcoming surgery.  We can't wait until your post-surgery update!!

Take care.

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VSG on 08/12/13

Way to go on the 14 pounds lost! Even with the mess up, sounds like you're doing pretty good! It's very tough to do, but you can make it! It's a very small amount of time compared to the lifetime of healthy living you are about to start. I had to do a 2 weeks liquid diet with no meals at all!! Good luck to you! One more week. You can do it!!

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angryGood Luck!!! congrats on 14lbs...Yor are now on the loser bench!!!