4 Days and Counting

on 10/10/13 8:50 am
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Hey Everyone I just wanted to post a update! I am in the 2nd week of my pre-op diet, and this week was all liquids. When I say I AM SO HUNGRY! OMG! I am trying to keep it together...but I need food! LOL I am not saying I need something unhealthy either just some type of food. All I can do is pray, and keep in mind why I am doing this! Surgery is early Monday morning,super excited, but nervous at the same time! 

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Sandy M.
on 10/10/13 9:22 am - Detroit Lakes, MN
Revision on 05/08/13

Ah, hell week!  It's a test - if you can make it through this week, surgery will seem like a breeze!

Good luck to you - I know you'll do just great!

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on 10/10/13 10:21 am - Moorhead, MN
VSG on 10/16/13

Great job!  I am in the second week of my pre-op diet, too. I actually get to eat a little food along with the protein shakes. I think my plan is hard, but you are a true champ! :)

on 10/10/13 11:00 am
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I really don't understand how all of us are having the same procedure, but we all have different pre-op diet.

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on 10/10/13 12:33 pm
VSG on 10/04/13
I hear you and it blows me away too. I only had 2 days liquid diet before surgery. I don't know how people on plans like yours do it. I was so tired of broth even after that. I think I will kick the next chicken I see...

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on 10/10/13 10:41 am

I understand I'm in my 2 week liquid diet too but for some reason I'm not very hungry. What type of protein drinks are u using? I'm using Muscle Milk 4 times per day & it keeps me full. My surgery is next Thursday so I gotta hang in there too!!! Best wishes
Chrissy W.
on 10/10/13 10:44 am - Indianapolis, IN
VSG on 07/01/13

Try a few tricks to fool your mind into thinking that you're eating. Try some sugar free popsicles or freeze a protein shake into popsicles. Anything like that so that you're chewing and your brain is fooled.

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on 10/10/13 11:10 am

I'm FOUR days out, too!  I've been too busy lately  to think about it much...  hard to believe it's almost time!  I'm on liquids all day but Dr Garcia allows a light low-carb dinner, so I've been able to survive.  I go onto clear liquids this weekend, then fly Monday am and surgery Monday pm.  Weird ~ a week from today I'll already be home!  Wish me luck & blessings!

And luck & blessings to you, jenamir21!


on 10/10/13 11:23 am
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That's great u have that one meal. I am just going to stay focus, because I know this is not forever. I wish u the very best and keep us posted on ur progress!

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on 10/10/13 11:30 am
VSG on 10/07/13 with

Good luck with surgery everyone! I just had my vsg this monday the 7th. It was not as bad as I expected. I didn't have much pain, just nausea. Still not as bad as I expected, hubby agrees. I can tell everyday that I am getting better. Its kind of nice at this point to be at home alone and have some me time. I hope you all have a smooth recovery as well :)