Surgery is Tomorrow!

on 10/13/13 2:58 am
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Hey everyone!  I am up today just getting some last minute things together before surgery TOMORROW! Once again I am excited about starting my new journey but super nervous at the same time! I just ask that everyone keep me in there prayers tomorrow! I will be keeping everyone posted as soon as I can. I want to say to thank you to everyone for all of there feedback, and the stories they have shared. It has really helped me get thru all of this,and I have never felt alone thru this process. I have my partner, my family, my friend, and the people in this forum have been so supportive. Signing off for now...but when I return I will be SLEEVED! YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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{{{{{ HUGS}}}} and prayers to you as you start
what will be the best time of your life!!!
Good luck w/surgery
And welcome to the losers bench!


Tracy D.
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Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery!  

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I can't wait to see you sleeved:)


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Congrats!!! good luck! I was just there almost 2 weeks ago. It is an amazing journey I am glad you are about to start.

on 10/13/13 4:12 am - New York , NY

Good luck. This was one of the best decisions I made for myself. Try to relax. You're in my prayers.




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Wishing you a speedy recovery! Your in my prayers!

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Good luck and have a speedy recovery!

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Good luck Jenamir!

 The 1st few days can be uncomfortable but it is so worth it. I think you will do great because you have taken the time to learn and prepare.

best wishes for a fast recovery, Katy


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angryCongrats on your new adventure I've been a fan following a lot of people's post, undecided if I should yea. Finally I'm on an started my process about a month ago. Super excited to finally do something for myself. Feels like a dream an I have to pinch myself... Overall this post was. About you congrats again wishing you a speedy recovery...... All I heard from everyone was sip sip walk walk. Do it within your limits.... I'm gonna be a couple of months behind, as long as I'm behind I'm ok with it.... Hugs hugs all the way frm NYC. Your new follower Cinnamon2074