Any 600 calories?

on 10/30/13 2:27 pm - Fremont, CA

Hi my fellow VSGers,

So I started on solids on Monday.

I was very good with my calories, protein, carbs, water & everything, until Wednesday dinner.

I was baking pumpkin spice walnut muffins for my daughter's school to take them for the class snack, as its her turn tomorrow.

I had a bite & couldnt stop. I had 3/4th muffin and then I stopped, not being full yet. I had some rice, and forgot my protein.

I only had 35 gm protein & 50 oz water for today. I am feeling horrible abt it. Is it okay to eat any foods that total up to 600 cals? Ofcourse with 80- 90 gm protein a day?

Any one who has done this, and still feel okay the next day without guilt and got back to your routine?

I know some of you will completely disapprove of this, but I am reaching out to folks who are not too strict or hard on themselves, but still accept the mistakes, and get back & have lost weight, or some who have been doing these stuff and got to goal? :( help I am in a lil dilema!

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on 10/30/13 2:43 pm

HI sleevegirl, you just asked to be my friend on OH.  Great I added you in.  I need you to really think about your request, because I am not the type of friend that will tell you "It's OK, eat what you want".  I am the type of friend that will kick your butt and hard.  I don't think what you did is OK, and I think you want to hear from people that will tell you that you can keep doing this and all will be well.  I am not that person.  This stuff is really hard, and it only gets harder.  You need to get this together.  No, all calories are not created equal and no, it's not OK to not get your protein in.  You need to re-think this and I mean now, not tomorrow.  Because this can't keep happening, not if you want to reach goal, not if you want to maintain your weight loss and not if you want to be healthy.  So if you want my help to change this behavior, reach out, but if you want people to tell you it's OK, just wait, there will be a ton of them coming right behind me telling your I am crazy and they are perfectly fine.  You get to choose your friends and you get to choose your behaviors.  I am here if you need me, but don't ask for what I can't give you.  This could be your turn around moment, or not, you get to decide.  If you want me to un-friend you, just let me know, I am still holding out my hand if you need it but I will always tell you what I think is the truth, whether you like hearing it or not.

on 10/30/13 2:51 pm - Fremont, CA


I totally admire & respect you so much! I think I should have drafted my post properly. No I was not looking for people to tell me what i did was okay, I was just curious to know if some did all that and still lost weight!!!

I totally agree to what you said, and remember my 5 rules, I am getting right back to those rules tomorrow first thing in the morning as I am heading towards bed right now!

Thanks for the hard kick in the butt. And I am more than honoured to have a friend like you!

Best Regards,

Sneha (sleevegirl) !

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on 10/30/13 3:00 pm

If you want to know if you are doomed? No, you are not doomed, but you do need to make certain that this is not a pattern.  You need to figure out what was going through your head that made this OK to do.  What did you say to yourself at the time?  I would highly recommend getting the Beck Diet Solution book and working it heavily,  Your head is the big deal not just in weight loss, but in maintenance. You can do this, you are stronger than you think.

on 10/30/13 3:11 pm - Eugene/Springfield, OR
VSG on 07/22/13

if you just started solid food it would be real hard to get 80 gm of protein and have room for anything else

 make shore you are measuring and tracking all your food

water comes first then protein and then if there is any room and calories left maybe a little low carb veggies and farther down the road a few low carb fruits  


if you do not get 65 oz of water and your required protein you will get very sick

 cake bread pasta rice are no no's during weight loose , maybe a little when you get to maintance if they don't trigger you to eat more


   175 lb  lost,412 hw 336sw,241 cw surgery July 22 2013,surgeon Dr Colin MacColl,







on 10/30/13 3:47 pm
VSG on 12/05/13

I agree that you need to make sure that it is not a pattern and then ask yourself why you did it. What were you feeling deep down inside? I am an emotional eater and sometimes I self sabotage my diet when I am having a bad day or feeling stress about keeping up with my diet or exercise routine. Sometimes when I am doing really well with my diet and exercise, I stop doing everything that I know is right because deep down in side, I am afraid of success. Really take a look at why, but don't  beat yourself up. You made a mistake but then commit yourself to doing better the next day. Good Luck!

on 10/30/13 10:20 pm - New Braunfels, TX
Hello there. I just read your post and I guess my concern would be that you were "triggered" this early out. I mean if you gave in every time there were goodies around, well let's just say you won't be very happy with yourself a year from now. This should be the time that it's easiest to ignore foods like this. It really gets harder the further out you get. Just say no for now. Then once you get to goal you can have those things occasionally. And I do mean occasionally. It is indeed a very slippery slope. Proper nutrition should be your utmost priority for the next year. You don't want to have any regrets on your 1 year anniversary. Good luck!


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on 10/31/13 12:19 am
I'm glad you asked and I'm glad to see all the responses to you question! It has erasures me to say no today!! Someone brought in chocolate plon brownies for Halloween and I'm sure you all know how bad one would like a piece!! I keep saying a tiny bit will be okay. Someone said just have a nibble, yeah ok I have been having "small" pieces my whole life!! So thanks again I'm not going that way today!!
Cathy K.
on 10/31/13 1:14 am

I think the longer you stay away form the starches, rice, pasta the better. IT is just to tempting. Stay strong and say no.

on 10/31/13 2:40 am - Nashville, TN
Revision on 03/18/15 with
You might try BUYING snacks for these events that you must cater. I would have done just about anything early on to not Have to bake something.
Are pumpkin spice walnut muffins one of your favorites? They usually are not for elementary age kids. Giving your self subconscious permission to indulge?

Most kids will eat bakery made store bought cookies just fine. Are they the most healthy? No,but that is not your focus right unhealthy snack is not gonna make it of break it for them. Their nutrition is their parents responsibility,not yours.

Even now,I will not at nearly 4 years out,bake things with my grand kids,which I love to do,unless the recipe can be made WLS friendly for me and they will still eat it,cause I know I will want to have one and why cause myself problems?

To. Be successful long term,you are gonna have to decide what you really want,and if you are like me it. Will not. BE a one time decision. I have to make the choice between wonderful things to eat and losing/ maintaining my loss,EVERY DAY! eVERY DAY! It never gets easier for me.

I am in Elinas camp on this. I can't blow sugary smoke up your butt,and I won't. I will try to share things I know and hope they help you make it to goal too.

This is just my opinion. Pleas feel free to take what you can use and trash the rest.




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