UTI s after VSG? :(

on 11/4/13 1:25 pm - Fremont, CA

Hello Folks,

I can feel a UTI coming up. I only had one long long back! I am wondering if UTIs are common post WLS? I read a lot of posts about the same, and there are mixed responses, I am so scared. Some say it is very common as your body is in Ketosis mode!!! :(

Please help me :( I am visiting my PCP first thing in the morning tomorrow. I do not want to regret having VSG! :(

on 11/4/13 10:46 pm
VSG on 09/19/13

I have a friend that happened to and she's fine now.  Get your antibiotics and feel better.

on 11/4/13 10:53 pm - Ottawa, Canada
VSG on 02/03/14

UTIs are not fun. I hope your PCP can help you resolve it quickly.

This brings to mind something though: when I sense a UTI coming on quickly, I start pounding back the cranberry juice to ease the symptoms and sometimes eliminate them entirely. Though, post-surgery I suppose I won't be able to do that, because of the sugar content. I must go searching for something to replace that cranberry juice as my go-to UTI fighter when they occur.

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on 11/5/13 2:38 am - Vancouver, WA

It can happen after any surgery because they load you up on antibiotics for the surgery (in your IV) and they can cause the UTI. So there is no reason for them to continue that I know of. Just get rid of this round and you should be good.

on 11/5/13 2:57 am - Fremont, CA

Thanks everyone!

I saw my PCP and I do have a UTI :( He says the cause of any UTI cannot be known exactly. He has prescribed some antibiotics and I should be fine in 2 - 3 days.

Also, I am 3 weeks out, and havent lost a thing since 2 weeks :( I was 246 lbs on the day of surgery and 242 now, have been this way since 2 weeks :( I am just freaking out... :( 

on 11/5/13 5:37 am - Edmonton, Canada
VSG on 06/26/12
I had one, and my only symptoms were dizziness and not being able to string a thought or sentence together. My sister nagged me to see my GP and the problem was a combination of a UTI and me not needing my BP meds anymore. Stopped those and a few days on an antibiotic and life was good. (Eat your yogurt)

My theory is that my not drinking nearly enough was a big part of getting the UTI.


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