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on 11/18/13 11:20 am
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I just read in my hospital materials that we are only supposed to wear light nail polish or none at all...did you guys (or rather, gals), wear it and was it an issue?  I was thinking about just getting a simple french before i go in...

yes, i realize this is a ridiculous question.

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Not ridiculous!  Important!  They need to see your nail bed colour when you are knocked out so it should be none or clear :)

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Probably because of oxygen saturation levels. The monitor they use sometimes doesn't work through Nail polish.
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Probably best to have none.  Save the manicure for will want the pampering after surgery, trust me!

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I have gel on my nails and just had to remove from the two index fingers. It took some negotiating! 

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Not weird at all... It is actually the first question on my list for my pre-op appt tomorrow!  I wear gel polish and so taking it off at the hospital is not an option. The good news is I do my own gels (I was a manicurist right after high school) so my plan was to do them with just clear gel if needed but I too have been pondering this issue :)


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As mentioned above, no polish because the anesthesiologist needs to see your nails for blood oxygen level.

HOWEVER, you can paint your toenails any color you want! So pedi away!

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I had sparkly red gel nails when I had my surgery. I offered to take it off, but as long as at least 1 toenail was polish free (they all were) it was fine. A woman that was sleeved the same day had acrylics on ALL of her nails when we arrived the day before surgery for our testing. She got to spend the afternoon hunting for acetone polish remover (in Spanish - we were in Mexicali) and cleaning off a toenail.

If I was you I'd go with a simple French manicure, but make sure the manicurist doesn't use any colour except the white tips. They often use a light pink, THEN the white tips.

I had an especially nice manicure awhile back. It was basically a French one, but instead of white tips my manicurist did a pearl sparkle powder on the tips. It was subtle but really pretty.



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