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Hey there!  It's been a while since I've been on here, and I just wanted to see what everyone is doing for the following daily.  I know every surgeon has a different plan!

-Daily protein intake- how many grams?

-Daily water intake- how many ounces?

-Daily fat max?

-Daily carb max?

Again, I know everyone's is a little different, but just curious.  =)

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In  WL the rules for me were simple:

80+ grams of protein per day

64 oz. of water per day MINIMUM.

< or =  to 40 carbohydrate grams per day.

Never had to count fat, but was told to always keep it lean.


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thank you!


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may i ask you how long it took you to get to goal weight?  also how much you lost in the first 6 months?

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Took me 7 months and two weeks to get to goal. I was a light weight and compared to some other people I was a slow loser, so my 6 month loss is my own and really shouldn't be compared to others or give you an expectation of what you might lose. That said, here goes..... I lost 72 pounds my first 6 months post VSG.


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awesome!  did you lose a lot that last month or did you lose substantially in the pre-op diet?

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I lost about 15 pounds in the pre op diet (but mine was not a two week liquid thing. I had to lose a specific amount of weight to prove to the surgeon that I could manage a food program.... one of my requirements.....). I had also lost about 10 pounds before even seeing the surgeon, so I was down 23 or 25 pounds before surgery. Then I lost the 77 after surgery. I averaged between 9 and 10 pounds per month after the first two months post op.

BTW, took me 6 weeks to lose the last 7 pounds.


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I will be 3 weeks post surgery on Wed.  Currently on Pureed Stage. 

I currently am getting 70-80 grams of Protein, but I have to really work at it.  Thank goodness for Unjury Chicken Soup.  :)

I am getting in 50-60 ounces of water

My Dr. doesn't have us count carbs or fat.  With that being said:

I try to keep carbs between 20-30 grams

I don't really count fat grams, but try to keep them low

I had lost 15 pounds at my first post surgery appointment (10 day).  My scale shows I have now lost an additional 11 pounds since that appointment for a total of 26 pounds lost since surgery. 

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Here is what I was told versus what I actually do:

Protein:  60-70 grams.  I get between 80-100 grams daily.

Water:  64 oz minimum.  I get between 100-144 oz daily, sometimes more.  

I wasn't given fat or carb recommendations, but I keep my carbs under 50 grams most days and rarely go over 60 grams.  I have been successful so far without taking my carbs ultra low.  Fat grams, I try to keep it to less than half of what my protein intake is for the day (so usually between 30-40 grams daily, some days more, some days less). 


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