Carbs! Carbs! Carbs!..Oh the insanity!

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So, I had my follow up appointment with my NUT(who specializes in WLS) this week since being 6 weeks post op, and she was appalled that my carbs are so low! When reviewing my daily food intake everything was on point from my 70-80 g of protein, 1.5-2 liters of fluids and 600-700 caloric intake. When she saw 40g and under she almost fell off her chair ! I laugh because I'm remembering her reaction. She wanted to know where I got this number from. As I didn't have a baseline to start from on my own, during my pre-op information session and the food guide didn't mention anything about carbs, I explained that I have been following OH and researching other people's stories and this seems to be the average norm that they are reporting having..some pple go to 50g. She started to explain that this is way too low and was wondering how my brain was even functioning on a daily laughing.

When we got down to the nitty gritty of carbs..we went through all the differences between carbs from sugar vs fiber and how the carbs from fiber is digested differently in the body. Where I should be getting most of my carbs from..mainly fiber rich veggies and whole grain foods. Focused on why it's important to have enough carbs for energy on a daily basis..espcecially if exercising. She told me the range I should be in is 60g (no less) and 130g a day. She also explained that I would not get close to 130g as my protein is high and calories are low, this in itself allows a lower carb intake. In then end, she does not want me to worry about my carbs and continue to prioritize on protein and fluids. Basically, I got schooled big time!!

I know everyone may receive different medical and nutritional recommendations regarding carbs as well as a lot postings differing in opinions on the topic. Just thought I would share the info from my experience :-)



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I haven't had surgery yet but from what I read on this and other sites, the information one receives depends on who's giving it.  One Doctor or NUT may be entirely different from another.  Mission weight loss in Asheville is very strict.  I one of the lucky ones who gets to go on a two week liquid diet before surgery and another two week liquid diet following surgery.  This fat man ain't going to get to eat for a month except for sugar free jello.  Just follow your Doctor's advice but after you fill you pouch with enough protein there probably isn't much room left for carb's.  Best wishes and God bless you hope you do well.

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I am 3 months out and since I started eating regular food about 4 weeks out, I eat 600-800 cal, at least 60g protein, and I haven't gone over 50g of carbs a day. Also get in 80-100oz water/day. And the carbs I do eat are the "good" ones. There are occasional days that I have very few carbs and I work out at the gym 5 days a week for 40-60 min each day. I usually eat my carbs for breakfast after my workout, which is normally oatmeal. I haven't had any bread since surgery, and I'm not missing it at all! I wasn't a big bread eater before surgery. The other carbs I eat are wheat tortilla or a fiber one bar, something like that. But you do need to follow your doctors orders. Seems almost everyone gets told something different. The eating will get easier as you go. I use the MyFitnessPal to track all my food/fluids/exersise. It's very handy!! 

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looks like to me,from. Your ticker,that you are losing well. As long as I was doing well,I would keep on doing EXACTLY what I was doing. 

Just let her talk,blah,blah and keep on YOUR plan. Her plan is going to get you about 60% EWL,not the 100% EWL, that you probably would like to see. 





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When you count your carbs are you subtracting fiber?  Some members do and some don't.



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My nutrition counseling postop included a strong recommendation to eat a certain fiber-rich cereal.  I had to put my foot down and explain firmly that cereal was a trigger food for me preop which I don't care to play around with postop.  Once I explained it in that way, no more cereal exhortations.  :)



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Thanks for all the replies.As I mentioned, in my original post, everyone with have their own recommendations from their medical and nutritional professionals on what is right for them and they should follow. However, I feel it never hurts to good to get feedback on different views and strategies that other people have used in their journeys.

One of the reasons my NUT said 60 g no less..was that that like you, certain foods with carbs are a trigger for me too. We had a little tete a tete lol..on this one, so she gave me that limit.She's a hard NUT to crack this So on this issue I will let her blah blah blah..and stay around 40g and will not go over 60g.

She did give me really good info on carbs that I didn't carbs from fiber, which are digested differently in the body and how to count them or discount them in my daily intake.


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I tracked carbs but didn't really try to stay under any particular number.  Your NUT is correct that, if you keep to the protein first rule, your carb intake is naturally low.  Probably not under 20, but I stayed around 40 without even trying.  Even now, my carbs run around 100, which is still considered a low carb diet. 

And you already figured out that you need to stay away from your triggers, no matter what anyone else thinks!

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You should always follow advice of your doctor's office if after research you feel it is based in fact and is best practice. I got the same schooling a year ago. I chose to keep my carbs 20-30 gms per day. Along with keeping calories to 600 and later 800 per day, drinking 12 glasses H20 min, and some other things, that are proven best practice, I reached goal in 7 months. I would do it the same way again. My dietitian got over it. She is very supportive of me.

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