I have no clothes to wear!

on 11/21/13 10:10 am

I have nothing hardly at all that fits! 1 pair of jeans... That's about it. I tried on most things I have and nothing fit. I decided to wear a red dress and add a belt. I got a lot of complements on how much I have lost. But I can't wear the same outfit all the time and I'm not allowed to wear jeans to work, except on Fridays. I need to win the lottery! 

I can't figure out how do do pictures but they are on my profile. 





on 11/21/13 10:15 am - Des Moines, WA
VSG on 07/17/13 with

I feel your pain. Goodwill and Ebay have become my best friends over the last couple of months. 

Gail D.
on 11/22/13 12:10 am

I noted your "pounds left to lose" meter. Congratulations on being under 100 pouns to lose!

I hit that this past week, and it excited me way more than it possibly should have, but it feels good to know I have less than 100 pounds to lose to hit my goal. In the double digits instead of triple.


on 11/22/13 1:08 am - Des Moines, WA
VSG on 07/17/13 with

Thank you! It still feels a little surreal, but I know we can do this! :)

(deactivated member)
on 11/21/13 10:39 am

Two words: thrift stores!!!!!


two words: consignment store!


on 11/21/13 10:41 am - Victoria, TX
VSG on 10/31/13

Goodwill is great for finding clothes that are in great shape.  Sometimes you'll find stuff that has never been worn.

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on 11/21/13 11:24 am

Our. Small town doesn't have a goodwill with very much in it. And we have 1 consignment shop.. Not a lot of choices. 





on 11/21/13 2:00 pm

I feel your pain.  I live in a really small town too.  1 Goodwill and it's very small.  Plus, I have long legs so most pants don't fit me. 

on 11/21/13 6:54 pm - TN
VSG on 06/19/13

EBay and thredup.com have become my friends when looking for nice work clothes.

on 11/21/13 9:32 pm - Parsippany, NJ
VSG on 03/05/13

I've been able to get wonderful stretch pants for 11.97 in Walmarts...together with tops for about 10 bucks.....get the black pants, and they will got with almost everything.  also bought inexpensive "transitional" bras and undies there.  you can get free or cheap shipping on line if there isn't one around.  And ask any of your size appropriate friends to keep you in mind when they clean out their closets.  I found people jumped right in to do that when I asked, and wound up with plenty of very nice clothes.  donate anything you can no longer use.

best of luck to you!!


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