Omg! I went shopping.

on 11/23/13 10:59 am

I needed work clothes. So we went shopping. I wasn't sure of my size, I just knew my size 10 were getting big. I tried 8 and they fit, then I tried 6, just to see...they fit too! No way! I didn't buy the 6 because I felt they were too sing, but a 6 actually sipped and buttoned! I'm amazed. 

But with that being said,  I can't see that I'm a 6-8,  I still see myself a much fatter. Will this ever go away? 





on 11/23/13 11:25 am - Cibolo, TX

It goes away that you see yourself at a much bigger size, but it doesn't go away overnight.  That being said, congrats on the size 6/8!!

~ Renae

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on 11/23/13 12:00 pm - Victoria, TX
VSG on 10/31/13

I had the opposite problem.  After I became obese, I would be shocked to see myself in the mirror because my self-image was the smaller me.  I'm still surprised at times, but I'm starting to recognize myself more.   Now that I've had WLS, I imagine with the change that is good, it's a much easier transition for your mind to start incorporating the new you into your self-image.


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Chrissy W.
on 11/23/13 9:41 pm - Indianapolis, IN
VSG on 07/01/13

I had the same experience! I went from large as a child, to small in high school and early college, then slowly to larger as a 27 year old. Just before I decided to have WLS, I would see pictures of myself and think, "Surely I'm not THAT big!" I caught a glimpse of myself last night in a mirror at a wedding and finally, FINALLY, recognize myself again. It was almost like, "Well, where have YOU been??"

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on 11/24/13 12:28 am - Moorhead, MN
VSG on 10/16/13

I'm the same way. In my head I picture myself as a healthy weight even though I've been overweight or obese most of my adult life. Seeing pictures of myself is shocking. I really hope that as I lose that this self image stays this way.

on 11/24/13 12:42 am - OK
VSG on 07/05/13

I go to pull on my smaller pants right now....I think they're an XL, and they look SO tiny to me that I can't believe that I'm going to be able to even pull them up.  But up they come, and they're comfortable all day at work.  It's going to be so weird to keep putting on smaller and smaller clothes as time goes by.  I have been heavy my whole life, but when I think of how I look in my head, I always am at a normal weight and quite athletic...something I haven't been in a long time.  I can't wait to actually see that person in person!


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