Post-op liquids

B. Smith
on 12/13/13 8:16 am
VSG on 12/04/13

Curious to how long everyone had to be on liquids after surgery until they moved to mashed founds.

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on 12/13/13 8:18 am - Eugene/Springfield, OR
VSG on 07/22/13

i went for full liquids to full food after 2 weeks , starting with softer food like eggs tuna , Tilapia


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on 12/13/13 8:24 am - MO

I couldn't tell you.  I'm 7 weeks post-op from VSG and I'm still on liquids, and even that's hard to get down.

on 12/13/13 8:45 am - Canada
VSG on 12/05/13

I have to be on clear fluids for 2 weeks, then move to full fluids for another 2 weeks, then onto regular food. 


(deactivated member)
on 12/13/13 9:55 am - Canada

Scribbles have you got your date yet?

on 12/13/13 11:38 am - Canada
VSG on 12/05/13

Yes!  I posted in the AB forum...I had it done last Thursday!  I got the call exactly one week prior as a short notice spot opened up. Message me if you like...I can give you a play-by-play of surgery day!  kiss


on 12/13/13 8:58 am - PA

I was on clear liquids for two weeks but that included, jello, popsicles, broth. Then full liquids for two weeks that i added cream soups and pudfings. Next was purree for two weeks buy i was never able to get into purree and how the food looked so i just stayed on full liquids with two protein shakes a day. Now i eat greek yogurt for breakfast and 3 oz of denise protein for lunch and dinner. But i have to pour gravy on the protein to keep it moist to go down easier. I am 7 weeks from surgery and so far have noy gotten sick once. Good luck

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on 12/13/13 9:28 am - Roanoke, VA
VSG on 11/29/13

Clear liquids while in the hospital (3 days 2 nights)

Full liquids for the first week

purées for 3 weeks

then basically full diet with a few restrictions until 8 weeks post op, then there will be nothing I can't eat, just things I shouldn't.

on 12/13/13 10:12 am - VA

Two weeks clear liquids then two weeks soft foods.

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on 12/13/13 10:43 am - CA

I was never on liquids exclusively (other than the usual day before surgery thing). We could do any of the mushes, purees and soft proteins as tolerated, so while liquids were a big part of it at the beginning, there was always something more substantial available on the menu during the day (scrambled eggs and yogurt along with the usual broths and juices in the hospital, for example.)

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