I actually heard someone say..

on 12/25/13 10:33 am

My husband is having VSG surgery tomorrow afternoon, my 17 yr old daughters surgery will be in the next few months and I am 5 months post op. We all have been working very hard and sticking to the diet phases that we are each at to stay on track. Yesterday evening while at my parents for Christmas with the family, I overheard my sister in law offering peppermint bark that she had made to each person in the room. My daughter politely declined it and then I heard my SIL say to her " if you don't take a piece you are going to hurt my feelings".... To which my daughter replied," no thank you, I have stopped eating all the sweets that are bad for me". I was so proud of her and so aggravated with my SIL because I know her and my brother disapprove of our decision to support our daughter and ourselves in this process bit OMG! How unbelievable! 

But I was proud to see that she is that committed to her process to loose weight! It makes me know we are making the right decision with her. 





on 12/25/13 10:41 am - PA
VSG on 05/13/13

OMG that is so frustrating. Food pushers that make comments like that really have some issues of their own that they should work on.... it would be doing the rest of us a favor!!

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on 12/25/13 10:52 am

Three little but powerful words, "no, thank you"..


on 12/25/13 11:02 am
VSG on 05/01/13 with

Very mature response from you daughter, who is, let's face it, still a kid..

you should be proud of her commitment to her health..it's not easy to say no to our drug of choice..


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on 12/25/13 11:04 am - Canada

Good for her!  She will meet lots of people in her life friends, family and strangers that will try and deter her from making her best decision for her life.  The sooner she learns to walk away from those people the sooner she will find success.  She's off to a good start.  Focus on what she did right instead of what you SIL did wrong.  Your SIL needs to figure out her own issues.  Your daughter deserves praise!

on 12/25/13 11:54 am

Contrats to your daughter for standing her ground!!! 


Jackie T.
on 12/25/13 11:58 am - KS
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on 12/25/13 1:10 pm - Roanoke, VA
VSG on 11/29/13

My dad is such a food pusher! 

I have however in the past caught myself food pushing, but it's always because I made it and I never got a lot of praise, but I'm pretty good with the oven. I have learned my lesson, though, that sometimes taking the food is not in a person's best interest.

on 12/25/13 7:42 pm
VSG on 11/21/12

Good for your daughter, and for you and your husband!

I think I would have taken sweet SIL aside and smacked her up a bit verbally for trying to derail my child's health, but that's just me.  Or maybe I would have said it to her right there in front of the same audience before whom she chose to put your daughter into that predicament.  No one messes with my kids.  My ***** flag woulda been flyin' over that. 


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