Full Liquids - Soup?

on 1/4/14 3:28 am
VSG on 12/26/13

I see folks posting they are having soup and pudding on full liquids. I thought full liquids was just the re-introduction of protein shakes and some yogurt/milk. Of course, as I look through my NUT instructions, they don't mention soup ever, so who knows. I was thinking that could come in at puréed stage. 

Thanks for any guidance. 

on 1/4/14 3:37 am

There are a lot of different plans out there.  Some people come out of surgery and have only clear liquids for two weeks, then full liquids.  Some define full liquids as only shakes and such, not greek yogurt and soup.  My plan did 2 days clear liquids, then full liquids for 2 weeks.  Full liquids included soup (no chunks at all) and greek yogurt.  

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on 1/4/14 3:37 am - TX
VSG on 03/26/13

Full liquids include liquid soups. Not stews. You could probably include cheese/broccoli and mushroom if you run it through a blender for a second to chop up the chunks. 


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on 1/4/14 3:42 am - MI

For me, full liquids included anything that would pour through a wire strainer.  So, cream of whatever soup thinned with milk passed the test.  Purees was anything that came out of a blender and contained no solids; for that I made soups with meat and blenderized the whole thing so as to get the protein.

If you blenderize a meat soup and pour it through a fine sieve, whatever comes out the bottom is 'full liquid' and whatever stays in the strainer is "puree" so you get a two-for-one deal!  Freeze them down and you've got both stages covered.

on 1/4/14 6:30 am
VSG on 07/08/13 with

When I was on full liquids, everything had to pass through a strainer.  I did strained soups, so basically, flavored broth hah!

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VSG on 07/22/13



3 month stage baby was ok on my full liquid stage also strained cream soup,pudding sf jello


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on 1/4/14 11:07 am
VSG on 12/26/13

That's helpful as I can only have stage 1 foods at purée stage. I fear no soup for me until stage 4. Thanks all for weighing in. 

VSG on 06/12/13
Clear liquids was just that - clear. Won ton soup or french onion soup minus all the goodies.

Full liquids for me was liquids you couldn't see through. It always puzzled me about the yogurt as that seemed solid.

It does make sense that it had to go through a strainer. I suppose Greek yogurt would eventually go through!

BTW, my magic bullet blender was my best friend at the full liquids stage. I would take a soup and purée it down. I was on full liquids on the 4th of july and even created a passable cookout soup that way that tasted like hot dogs and beans.



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on 1/4/14 12:04 pm
VSG on 12/26/13

I  did pick up some wonton-less soup today. My local guy strained it for me. So much more flavor than the broth I have been eating. 

VSG on 06/12/13
Yes!! It was such a happy day when I discovered I could have French onion soup without the goodies. It was hotel room service and I nearly cried.


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