me 19 months post op pic

on 1/20/14 8:14 am

 i have  gained about  15 pounds since my lowest weight.but i am working on getting it off  so the picture of me and my dog was taken last is so easy to get off track... i meet with my wls team today..i was  2 yrs ago this month learned about  the vsg.... and i have realized that  this new life is as daily challenge and i have to work at it every day and use positive supports to keep me on track....  me at my heaviest. 299 the new me around  190 pounds my lowest post op weight was  176..



Scott S.
on 1/20/14 8:25 am - TX

WOW!  Congrats!!

VSG: 8/8/13 


on 1/20/14 8:47 am

Thank you


on 1/20/14 8:37 am - Denver, CO
VSG on 12/18/13

You've done really good! Love those collar bones!

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on 1/20/14 8:47 am

Thanks the collar bone still freaks me out


on 1/20/14 8:38 am
VSG on 12/31/13

You look great! Congratulations!

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on 1/20/14 8:49 am



(deactivated member)
on 1/20/14 8:47 am

You look beautiful and your dog is adorable.  You are right about this being daily work for the rest of our lives.  You can do this. 

on 1/20/14 8:50 am

The dog is my little side kick she loves getting in pics w/me


on 1/20/14 8:50 am - Plano, TX

I think you look good. I know I will sturggle also I am one of those "hard headed, i will do it my way" person. So this will be an everyday struggle. I understand. my surgery is tomorrow at 8am.

Take care and keep up the good work.